Meet Jennifer Adams

Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams had a humble beginning in a family of six growing up in a home of less than 1,000 square feet in a small town outside Portland, Oregon. She cultivated a sense of design while helping her mother sew draperies and make furniture, and learned to be resourceful with what little her family had. While running her own house cleaning service with her little sister, Jennifer developed a strong work ethic and a keen understanding of how a home functions. Her first experience in retail came from working in the apparel department at a local store. As an adult, she founded Jennifer Adams Design Group, LLC, in 1999. Over the next fifteen years she became a well-known and award-winning designer with projects for airport, residential and resort properties that were valued at over one billion dollars.

Jennifer’s work got her noticed by HGTV and she became a leading designer for “My First Place.” Jennifer then earned the role of on-air designer for the nationally syndicated television show “The Better Show”, where she’s been a regular cast member for the last seven seasons. In 2009, she launched her first bedding collection and today has a successful manufacturing business with customers all over the U.S. and around the world. She has an expanding collection of licensed home décor products. Her media presence is also growing with her national newspaper column, “Ask Jennifer Adams”, which is delivered to over 1.5 million homes every week; the launch of her new book, “Bedrooms That Inspire”; her on-air appearances and web channel; and her developing social media presence.

Jennifer’s mission is to encourage people to embrace their inner designer, and create environments on their own that they will love coming home to. Her business, Jennifer Adams Worldwide Inc., has a tested staff and high-caliber management team. The company is positioned for a bright and robust future based on excellent relationships with some of the nation’s largest retailers, a successful bedding manufacturing business, and multiple licensing partners resulting in the launch of new product lines every year. Jennifer Adams provides a solutions-based brand to a wide audience including moms, homemakers, families and professional men and women alike. Design that inspires, materials that comfort, and style that’s effortless - Jennifer Adams is what home feels like.