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An awesome day starts in an awesome bed.

Make your bed awesome with our super soft, luxurious bedding that you’ll never want to leave in the morning! Designed with you in mind, these picture-perfect sheets are pure comfort and easy care. The smooth, wrinkle resistant, breathable and fresh fabrics will help you sleep better and wake up to a brighter day!

What makes these sheets so great?

  • Microfiber: Our high-performance 100% polyester microfiber fabric works as hard as you sleep.
  • Super soft comfort, athletic-quality breathability, and wicks away moisture, like performance wear for your bed.
  • Coffee or wine in bed? Why not! These sheets are less likely to stain, fade or pill, won’t lose their shape over time.
  • Ditch the iron! These crisp sheets look great out of the dryer or the laundry basket.
  • Machine wash cold separately for best results. And save energy with ultra-quick drying times!
  • Easy on your allergies.
  • Extra deep pockets to fit your mattress.
  • Soft and durable: Sheets for the long haul (No need to buy new ones next year!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is microfiber?

Microfiber is a performance fabric that is expertly woven for luxury, softness and easy care. It can be made of wood pulp, nylon or polyester. Jennifer Adams microfiber products are 100% Polyester Microfiber.

We see other microfiber sheets on the market selling for less than brand, what is the difference?

Jennifer Adams Home® bedding is milled to a much higher quality and standard. It is softer than anything else on the market, wrinkle resistant (no ironing required), easily cared for, and more durable than less expensive brands. As a designer brand, our bedding is also more luxurious and with more attention spent on the details.

What is the thread count on these sheets?

Unlike cotton, microfiber does not have a thread count. It is measured by GSM ( Grams per Square Meter). It measures the weight of the fabric and indicates its thickness.

Our Microfiber collections start with our Loft Collection at 100+GSM (comparable to 600TC Cotton). Our Eternal Collection is measured at 120GSM (equivalent to 800TC Cotton) and our LUX Collection is 126 GSM (equivalent to 800+TC). Most other Microfiber bedding products measure only 40GSM to 90GSM and have less strands per inch. Our product has over 50K strands per inch.

Since the bedding is microfiber do they sleep hot?

They do not sleep hot. They have been woven specifically for performance and breathability.

Do the sheets breathe well?

Yes. Our fabric and other performance fabrics are woven in such a way to allow air to move freely through it.

What if I don’t like polyester?

The technology for manufacturing polyester has changed drastically over the years. Polyester Microfiber is a performance fabric that is likely found in all or most of your athletic apparel. It’s a fabric that is designed to give you maximum comfort and flexibility.

Will I sweat?

No. The majority of your workout wear is probably a microfiber because it actually breathes better than other fabrics on the market.

How do I launder the sheets?

Hot or warm water. Regular detergent and dryer sheets are fine. However, it is VERY important to never launder your bedding with any other items such as towels. The fiber from the other fabrics can tend to stick to the bedding and be mistaken for pilling.

Can you use bleach when laundering these Sheets?

Non-chlorine bleach ONLY. Chlorine products will break the product strands and potentially lead to damage.

What is the filling in the quilted blanket?

It is a polyester fill.

How does the duvet cover close?

The duvet has an envelope closure. No zippers, buttons, or strings – inside or out.

How do the sheets compare with other brands?

Our sheets are much softer, more durable and are purposefully manufactured at a higher quality to improve your sleep experience.

How do the sheets wear over time?

Our sheets, like any other fabric, will wear over time, however, we have found the life of our bedding to be the same, if not, longer, than any bedding on the market.

What is the difference between “California King”, “Regular King” and “Eastern King”?

In reference to the dimensions of the mattresses that our bedding covers, “California King” is longer than King and should only be purchased if you have a California King sized mattress. King and Eastern King are two names for mattresses of the same dimensions (some people just use different terminology). Our Duvet covers and blankets have been made in a universal size, so they fit both King and California King mattresses.

Does your bedding fade out or wear in high friction areas?

Our bedding does not fade. The first signs of wear generally first appear around high friction places like the foot area, but these instances are not common.

Do the sheets have problems with lint or pilling?

You might notice excess lint in the dryer vent after the first few washes. That is normal and to be expected. Since the fabric is brushed as part of the fabrication process, some of that excess fabric or lint may stick around during the first couple washes and can be confused with pilling. It is critical to ALWAYS wash bedding before it is used and to NEVER wash the bedding with other items. Many times, the fiber from towels washed with bedding transfer over to the sheets and can be mistaken for pilling. Even the most durable fabrics can pill if a more abrasive texture, such as excessively rough skin is continually in contact with the fabric.

What makes these sheets so special?

Our bedding is ridiculously soft, wrinkle resistant, easy care, and affordable for your entire family.

Are the sheets flame retardant/resistant?

Yes, this fabric is by nature. It is a Class 1 flame resistant fabric. Class 1 is the best rating.

Is it normal for static to occur when removing the bedding from the dryer?

If this occurs it is usually during the winter months when the air is drier. You can try a good quality fabric softener sheet in the dryer. This will help with the static, and also provides a nice scent.

Where can we find the Wash and Care instructions?

The Wash & Care instructions are listed on the packaging, the sewn-in tags on the product, in the footer of this website or here.

How do I remove stains?

The sheets are stain resistant. Usually an overnight soak in cold water lifts most stains. We also recommend an overnight soak in an oxygenated product.

How do I use the enclosures on the pillowcases?

Our pillowcases have a French envelope closure. Your pillow goes inside with flap covering and enclosing the edge of the pillow from view.

Why is microfiber allergen free?

Microfiber is known to be anti-allergen/dust mites preventing. There are studies that confirm that using Polyester Microfiber (non-cellulose base fibers), with breathability reduces exposure to allergens and dust mites.

If you like to learn more about the properties of microfiber, please click on the following link: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3829998

What does “wrinkle resistant” mean?

It means you don’t need to iron your bedding after washing and drying. Simply remove the bedding from the dryer and place on the bed or fold and store immediately.

What colors are available?

Our core selection of colors includes White, Silver Gray and Ivory.

Our seasonal colors are as follows: Sage (2012-2013), Brown (2013), Whisper Blue (2013-2014), Lavender (2014-2015), Graphite (2015-2016), and most recently, Indigo (2016).