3 Home Essentials for a Better Back-to-School Experience in 2020

3 Home Essentials for a Better Back-to-School Experience in 2020

Now that summer’s starting to wind down and fall is upon us, it’s time to finalize those back-to-school preparations. And no matter what school ends up looking like for your child in 2020-2021, whether it be in-person, remote learning, or some combination of both, there are still some strategic steps you can take to optimize your home environment. Creating a home space that feels positive, nurturing, organized, and free of distractions will help to set your child up for greater learning success.

For starters, it’s important to instill and model a growth mindset for your child. Being able to roll with the punches that 2020 continues to throw at us requires a good bit of optimism, persistency, and resiliency. This somewhat unpredictable season has taught us all how to cope, adapt, and find ways to put our best foot forward. These lessons also translate well to helping our children grow and develop as lifelong learners. This school year is shaping up to present its own unique set of challenges for students around the world, but we can help be part of the solution by how we choose to set up our children’s home environment.

Creating a positive space at home is one important step we all can take – from how we organize the layout, to making sure our kids have needed school supplies, to providing the comforts that also support a healthy learning environment.

Designated School Stations

Two strategic areas to designate are a school/homework station and a food station.

In creating a food station, start by designating a drawer, pantry shelf, or cabinet area that’s easy for your kids to reach. You should ideally choose a spot with some separation from the cooking and washing areas. Stock it with favorite snacks, cereals, lunch items, and kid-friendly plates, cups, and utensils. You can also designate a special spot in your fridge for yogurt, cheese sticks, fruits, drinks, and that sort of thing.

A kitchen corner or nook can make a perfect school/homework spot, with one additional advantage being the nearby presence of a parent or other adult during meal preparation times. A kitchen counter or dining room table can work well too, especially if you don’t really have other space options. One simple thing you can add is a designated school supply cart on wheels (or something similar) that you can roll up when needed. Just stock it with some essential school supplies, and your student is ready to go!

Set Up a Command Post for Family & School

Set apart some wall space in your home with a designated calendar and bulletin board. Pinup and mark both family-related & school-related to-do lists, activities, and schedules. A dry erase board will also come in handy for jotting down reminders or messages to other family members. Just be sure to place it at a height that all family members can reach, or keep a step stool nearby.

Create a Comfy Bedroom for Your Child

Children need a calm, tranquil space to be able to get away, relax, and sleep. You can help to keep it clutter-free by placing some bins, cubbies, and shelving for easy storage. A cozy area rug and reading chair are nice additions, too. To help your child be able to relax and unwind, you might also consider limiting the presence and use of electronics in the bedroom.

Getting the right amount and quality of sleep is essential to your child’s success and well-being. One way to create the best environment for sleeping is to choose bedding for your child that’s soft, durable, safe, and easy to care for. Jennifer Adams is here to help! Right now we’re offering a 25% off back-to-school sale on our Twin, Twin XL, and Full-Size bedding. We’ve got plenty of great options for you to shop, including our ultra-soft Lux Collection, our luxurious Relaxed Cotton Percale Collection, and our amazing Relaxed Cotton Sateen Collection.

By giving your child the space and opportunity to sleep well and dream well, you’re helping to lay the foundation for a healthy growth mindset to develop. In the process, you’ll also be helping to set your child up to experience a brighter future. Be well!