Bedding 101: Understanding What Your Lifestyle Requires

Bedding 101: Understanding What Your Lifestyle Requires

What kind of lifestyle do you lead? Are you living that college life, or have you moved on to establish a professional lifestyle? Your lifestyle isn’t just defined by work, either – it also has to do with your personal choices and preferences. Perhaps you like to go green, maintain a minimalist lifestyle, or see yourself as an artist. On an external level, we tend to think about how we dress or the way we decorate our homes as expressions of a lifestyle we’ve chosen. But a lifestyle can also express our internal selves – our attitudes, opinions, and feelings. For example, following a green lifestyle aligns with a passion for taking care of the environment. Your lifestyle also influences your decisions about the kinds of clothes, foods, and home furnishings you purchase.

When it comes to bedding, our choice of lifestyle also comes into play. Our bedroom is a very personal space that says a lot about who we are and how we live. And our bed, especially, is a place where we spend a lot of quality time, so it should really align and harmonize with who we are. Looking at bedding and matching it to your lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, and it’s definitely worth it! Let’s take a look at two types of bedding styles that work wonderfully with a variety of lifestyles.

Lifestyles that Seek Simplicity

Keeping things simple and effortless is one approach to bedding that goes with many types of lifestyles: college, professional, minimalist, or anyone who has neither the time nor the desire to fuss over all the details! You want to be able to wake up and get going with your day, so it’s important to have a bed you can make easily and quickly. But, you also don’t want to sacrifice taste, quality, OR your peaceful slumber. (Learn how to make your bed in 1-minute.)

 Sound like you? Then keep your bedding to the basics: a sheet set (fitted sheet and flat top sheet), pillowcases, and blanket or coverlet (with or without duvet). For a more simple approach, these 3 to 4 bedding items are the essentials for a comfy bed. Now you just need to choose the style of bedding that goes with your lifestyle. Your choice of fabric, color, and design are all ways for you to express yourself. If you want to keep things simple, it’s a good idea to choose bedding made with easy-care materials that still look and feel great. From our own set of Jennifer Adams offerings, we recommend our 5-star-hotel quality Lux Collection.

 The Lux Collection is made with our most premium performance fabric. These sheets demonstrate effortless style, offer easy care, and are uniquely soft – they feel even better than they look! Lux offers a fresh, neat, and no-frills style that will appeal to those who love a clean look. We even have a Lux Bundle that offers a great deal—check it out here!

Another option is our Relaxed Cotton Sateen bundle that includes the foundational sheet set, pillowcases, and duvet cover. Our Relaxed Cotton Sateen is a good choice for those who still want simplicity and ease, but appreciate a fabric made from 100% premium cotton that offers a cozy, lived-in, garment-washed style.

Lifestyles that Appreciate the Extras

Don’t mind taking a little more time to make your bed just so? And are you someone who prefers to have your bed look and feel more like an oasis of luxury? Then layering is key. For this kind of lifestyle, your bed is a sacred space where you love to spend time – even some extra time! And folks who really love their beds and bedrooms don’t mind making a little investment to help create that ultimate sanctuary for themselves.

Layering your bed is all about layering in comfort, to make your bed extra plush and cozy. To elevate your bedding, start from your foundational items (bed sheets, pillows and pillowcases, blanket) and work up by adding other elements like matching shams, accent/decorative pillows, a coverlet or duvet cover, and perhaps a lovely throw blanket or quilt folded at the foot of your bed. To explore some ideas, take a look at our velvet collection, quilted blankets/coverlets, and quilted shams. These added elements will enhance your bed and also help to show off more of your unique personality and lifestyle! (And if you’re looking for more tips on how to make a beautiful, layered bed, check out our helpful blog here.)

Whatever your lifestyle, let your bed help you to live it and express it! Whether you’re into simplicity or like something a little more plush, bedding options give you lots of fun ways to play with the look and feel of your bed. Plus, once your bed is just right, you’ll sleep better, and feel better too!