How to Choose the Right Bedroom Set for You

How to Choose the Right Bedroom Set for You

What is a bedroom set, anyway? Normally, a bedroom set includes a combination of matching furniture pieces like a bed, nightstand, dresser, etc. Most of the time, the items in these sets will match each other in terms of both style and materials. For example, you might purchase a bedroom set in a mid-20th-century style that’s all darker wood, or you could consider choosing a set that’s more modern and sleek, constructed from a mix of metal and light-colored wood.

Bedroom sets come in all types to match the look and feel of your home and its bedroom décor. A matching bedroom set is a great way to achieve a polished, unified appearance—if that’s what you want. But it has become increasingly popular to move away from a strict uniform look, and instead opt to mix and match your own bedroom set. There’s really no right or wrong option—it honestly just comes down to your own personality and aesthetic preferences.

To help you choose the best type of bedroom set for your needs, let’s consider some pros and cons of matching and non-matching sets.


  • A matching bedroom set is a simple, convenient solution. By choosing to purchase the whole set all at once, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you can have it all now! This also provides your bedroom with a unifying theme around which you can then base the rest of your bedroom décor.
  • Choosing to assemble a non-matching set by buying piece-by-piece can be a fun process in its own right, and it gives you more flexibility with your shopping choices. If you’re someone who likes to play with contrasting ideas and styles, then this approach can be a great way to go.
  • Another pro of choosing a non-matching set is that it allows you to add a little more personal flair by expressing your individuality.


  • A matching set can sometimes convey a more sterile, nondescript “hotel look.”
  • Purchasing a whole bedroom set usually requires you to have to invest more money all at once, rather than having the flexibility of being able to “pay as you go.” And if the time should come that you’re ready to choose some new and different bedroom furniture options, it is sometimes more difficult to resell a whole set versus individual pieces.
  • There are some cons that go along with putting together your own non-matching set, too. It often requires more time and effort, and sometimes even a little experimentation before you achieve a result you really like. A resulting downside is that your bedroom could end up being a “work in progress” for months on end.

Here are a few other questions to reflect upon before choosing the kind of bedroom set that works for you. It’s important on the front end of the process for you to get as clear as possible about how you want your bedroom to look and feel:

  • Do you prefer a more unified look? Or do you prefer something more eclectic?
  • Do you love a certain material, color, décor theme, or historical time period which could help guide your bedroom set decisions?
  • And most importantly, how do you want to feel in your bedroom? What type of mood and ambiance do you really want to create?

Ultimately, your bedroom set (or mixed set) should support the look and feel that you want your bedroom to embody. Once you’re able to achieve that, then whenever you walk into your bedroom it will bring a smile to your face, and you’ll truly feel right at home! For other great home décor ideas, please check out the many other helpful articles on our blog page. Looking for some new bedding, sheets, mattresses, decorative area rugs, or unique home décor items? Then look no further than our signature collections presented by Jennifer Adams!