Ideas to transition your bed for winter

Ideas to transition your bed for winter

Fall is a season of change – the leaves are changing colors, and the warmth and humidity of summer are giving way to drier days and cooler nights. Fall is certainly a time to appreciate on its own merits, but it’s also a time to start getting ready for what’s coming next. As the leaves begin their gentle cascade to the ground, that’s usually a sure signal that even colder weather isn’t too far behind. The transition from autumn to winter means it’s time to bring out your comfy sweaters, scarves and mittens. It’s a time for snuggling up with a warm blanket, a good book, and some hot cocoa. And if books and cocoa aren’t your thing, it’s really about being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of a warm and cozy home.

Find and Mind the Gaps

One important way to get ready for cooler seasons is to check your bedroom (not to mention the rest of your home) for drafts. Even the smallest of drafts can make a space feel cold, even when you have the heat on. One good tip for locating drafts is to walk around each window and door slowly with a lit candle in hand. If you see the flame flicker at any point, that’s a good sign you’ve located a draft. Replace your weather stripping or add some extra foam strips in those locations. You might also consider placing some draft excluders around places that have larger gaps.

A Sweater for Your Windows

Another smart tip for improving heat insulation around your windows is to hang some thicker, heavier curtains for the season. When closed, they’ll help to block out external light, which is important for creating an optimal sleep environment. They’ll also trap more warmth inside, which creates a cozier space and may even cut down some on your heating costs.

Layer with Blankets and Coverlets

A simple, yet effective option is to layer on a cozy quilt or coverlet for extra warmth on colder nights. The right blanket also makes a nice finishing statement of visual style when used as a top layer, or makes a nice addition when simply folded as an accessory at the foot of your bed.

Our Del Mar Blanket Collection with its subtle, waffle pattern weave is amazingly comfy and soft. Made from 100% European quality, premium long-staple cotton, it’s a perfect way to warm your bed naturally. Another irresistible option is our Diamond Blanket Collection. With a clean, diamond-stitched pattern and a light look and feel, this premium performance fiber blanket adds both warmth and modern, stylish texture to any bedroom. In the mood for something even more luxurious? Try our Velvet Diamond Coverlet Collection. Buttery soft and smooth, this lightweight blanket offers cozy velvet on one side and soft performance fiber on the other to provide an elegant, yet comfortable touch. And to complete the layered look, our quilts and coverlet collections have matching pillow shams available, too!

Add a Throw to Warm Up and Set Apart Any Space

Our signature throws embody functional luxury. Handmade from the finest natural materials by craftswomen in Tunisian villages, our throws not only elevate the warmth and style of your home – they also make beautiful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, or any special occasion! Take a look at our versatile Pompom Wool Throw that’s generously oversized to use as a cozy sofa blanket, or for wrapping up in a chair. There’s also our Lightweight Wool Throw that’s gorgeous for use as an oversized winter shawl.

Pets Appreciate Layers Too!


Don’t forget your four-legged friends – while they may carry their own fur coats, they still love to feel cozy, too! We have a collection of luxury pet blankets that your cats or dogs are sure to enjoy curling upon. These blankets also make stylish and functional protectors when your pet joins you on the sofa, bed, or in the car.

Layering is all about options, and here at Jennifer Adams we’re all about providing you with the best layering options that combine both warmth and comfort for your bed and your home during the cooler seasons!