Top 3 Pillows for Combination Sleepers

Top 3 Pillows for Combination Sleepers

What is your favorite sleep position? On your side, your back, or your stomach? Or maybe it’s just too hard to pick only one? If you like to mix it up and shift position throughout the night, you are what’s known as a combination sleeper.

Combination sleepers change position throughout the night, shifting from back to side to stomach. One way to tell if you’re naturally a combination sleeper is if you wake up in a different position than you went to sleep in. (So, if you’re curious, keep track of your sleep position for a few days, and see what you discover.)

Although many people are combination sleepers, it can be challenging to find the right pillow that is flexible enough to meet their need to move around and still be comfortable no matter what position they sleep in throughout the night.

Pillows tend to be sold and marketed for one type of sleeper (for example: “for back sleepers” or “for side sleepers”). But what about combination sleepers?

Well, we have good news for you! We now have 3 sensational new pillows that are perfect for any type of sleeper: side, back, stomach, and combination sleepers.

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Pillows for Different Sleeping Positions

Whatever sleep position you favor, it’s important to find a pillow that correctly supports your head. As you shift from side to stomach to back, you want a pillow that adjusts with you and helps keep your neck and spine in a healthy alignment.

So, without further ado, we’re thrilled to tell you about our new collection of Luxury Pillows: Revive, Renew, and Revitalize.

All 3 of these down alternative pillows are excellent options for those who want a flexible sleep experience while offering state-of-the-art, sleep-enhancing technology, along with superior support and quality craftsmanship.

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1. Revive Memory Fiber Pillow

Our Revive Memory Fiber Pillow offers medium support and is wrapped in a soft and supple 100% cotton cover that encases an innovative, spring-shaped spiral memory fiber.

Benefits: Breathability of an all-memory fiber fill that provides foam-like comfort, airflow, and cooling technology.renew pillow

2. Renew Hybrid Pillow

Our Renew Hybrid Pillow has a cutting-edge, dual sleep design: one side has a cloud-like, cell-chambered construction that keeps the soft fill from shifting, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the night. The other side has a more traditional sleep surface that’s smooth with medium support.

Benefits: Versatility, ultra soft while supportive, and a dual-balanced sleep experience.

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3. Revitalize Thermo Regulating Pillow

If temperature control is a concern, rest easy with our Revitalize Thermo Regulating Pillow. Layers of tencil and heat-responsive, paraffin-filled fibers change from liquid to solid to aid the body’s natural process of thermoregulation.

Benefits: Perfect option for hot sleepers or if your body temperature naturally fluctuates throughout the night. And the Revitalize cover is treated with antimicrobial silver chloride that prevents bacteria, mold, and mildew, so it stays fresh and odor-free.

Whether you’re a side, back, or stomach sleeper—or all three—these combination sleeper pillows will perfectly suit any position with the utmost ease. Plus, they’re designed for optimal comfort level, thermoregulation, and durability, so you can rest easy knowing that your head, neck, and spine have the right support and care they need to ensure you the best sleep possible.

Sweet dreams!