Blue Night Hope Trivet

The handwoven sunburst pattern is known as the “hope” design and is depicted on the Rwandan flag. The pattern is symbolic of the country’s hope for a brighter future. The design is very special to the artisans, who believe that the more pieces they make, the more they increase their chances for a better life. This trivet is heat resistant with an attached loop on the back. It can be used with hot dishes, kettles, or hung for a décor piece.
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The Blue Night Hope Trivet features a signature sunburst pattern that has come to symbolize “hope” for modern inhabitants of Rwanda.
Features & benefits:
  • Carefully crafted with all-natural, locally-sourced fibers
  • This trivet is heat-resistant, and comes with an attached loop on the back
  • Safe to use with food and can be used with hot dishes or kettles
  • There is a loop on the back to be hung as wall décor
  • Hand-woven in Rwanda
Trivet (Hot Pad)10 Inches (25.4 cm)0.5 Inches (1.27 cm)

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