Cotton Linen Throw

This 100% hand woven fouta is a rich blend of linen and cotton that creates a relaxed sheer drape wherever it's used. Beautifully oversized and versatile, we recommend trying it as a bedcover, tablecloth, sofa throw - or even as a curtain. Each special throw is one-of-a-kind, made with natural materials, hand dyed by women in Tunisian villages.

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  • Machine wash 
  • Wash on Delicate 
  • Cold temperature


  • Tumble Dry on delicate
Width (W)Length (L)
Cotton Linen80 inches (203.20 cm)120 inches (304.80 cm)
Founder's Note

Our collection of hand-curated throws embodies effortless style, function and luxury. A throw is and great and practical way to enhance a room, whether to add a decorative layer or to create a warm, cozy space. Use and enjoy them often and for all seasons. In the mornings, I love to wrap myself with a throw, sit outside with my dogs Jaxx and Oliver, and have a cup of tea. It’s the perfect way to start the day.

Jennifer Adams, Founder and CEO