Natural harbor blue rests peacefully atop a cream-colored canvas in a delicate, artful pattern that stands on its own as an expression of visual art.
Features & benefits:
  • Intricate concentric patterns of cream and harbor blue typify the Crius rug
  • Comes on a background canvas of cream
  • Very tolerant of normal foot traffic and wear
  • Crafted from only the strongest polypropylene fibers in a dedicated, local American facility
  • Free of PFOA and C8
Each SoCal Living Collection rug is meant to be enjoyed, and is designed to be both durable and easy to maintain. They’re not just made for looks, they’re made for easier living! Frequent vacuuming is encouraged, and for spot cleaning just try a little mild detergent and water. Our whoops! Stain Remover and Wine Stain Remover are great, all-natural tools for area rug cleaning, too.
WidthLengthPile Height
2 x 8 Rug27 inches (68.58cm)96 inches (243.84cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
5 x 8 Rug63 inches (160.02cm)90 inches (228.6cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
7 x 10 Rug79 inches (200.66cm)114 inches (289.56cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
8 x 11 Rug94 inches (238.76cm)130 inches (330.2cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
9 x 13 Rug108 inches (274.32cm)156 inches (396.24cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
12 x 15 Rug144 inches (365.76cm)180 inches (457.2cm)0.35 inches (0.889cm)
The face yarns are Polypropeline, which is naturally somewhat stain resistant in itself.
No, they do not.

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