Opal Gray + Niagara Charger II

A stunning piece handwoven from raffia and sweet grass fibers. Use as a placemat, table centerpiece, or hang on a wall for a beautiful accent. Handcrafted in Uganda with a culturally inspired design.
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The Opal Gray + Niagara Charger is truly a stunning piece that will make a statement no matter where you place it.
Features & benefits:
  • Comprised of intricately-crafted fibers of raffia and sweetgrass
  • Tones of opal grey and Niagara woven in a culturally-inspired design on a neutral backdrop
  • Can be used as a centerpiece or hung as wall décor
  • Safe to use with food and is suitable as a placemat
  • Hand-crafted in Uganda
Charger14 Inches (35.56 cm)0.3 Inches (0.762 cm)

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