Pet Bed Cleaner and Deodorizer - 23oz Bottle and 2 Tablets

We love our pets but don’t love everything they do… our Pet Bed & Odor Remover helps erase their mistakes, little or big! Help keep their beds cleaner and odor free with our Pet Bed & Odor Remover (part of Jennifer Adams’ new Whole House Cleaning Solution line) is simple, easy, and effective for any surface!

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"I have 4 dogs & 3 cats & they make a lot of messes in my house. I refill spray cleaner bottles with it & when I mop I use the spray on the floor & damp mop with microfiber cloths attached to a Lysol refillable cloth mopper. This solution gets my laminate & tile flooring so clean & it's so soft under my feet after ward. It's really an awesome all around cleaner;  as a bonus it works as a urine smell eliminator when used on fabrics & rugs" - Tami

These Pet Bed Cleaner and Deodorizer tablets and reusable 23oz bottle are a foolproof way to give your pet a clean, comfortable bed! Just drop a tablet in the spray bottle, fill the bottle with water, let the tablet dissolve, and then go to town! These concentrated cleansing tablets take out all the guesswork, and make cleaning after your pet a breeze. The Pet Bed Cleaner and Deodorizer helps clean pet stains and odors easily! Includes 2 individually wrapped tablets and 1 23oz spray bottle.  

Features & benefits:
  • Removes Stains & odors from pet beds, blankets, towels and more
  • Powered by Fizzion CO2 technology to clean, disinfect, and deodorize
  • Compatible with any spray bottle that can contain water
  • Spray mist to function as pet odor remover on pet items with a clean fresh scent
  • Safe to use around children and pets
Yes, It is safe to use on on all surface types such as carpet, hardwood, tile, linoleum and more.
Fill 23 oz spray bottle water with one tablet.
Fizzion® CO₂ is an authentic protein-buster.
Protein is the root of all pet and people stains.
CO₂ is found in everything – from your favorite beverage to your fire extinguisher, your blood to the air you breathe. Fizzion® helps unleash the natural power of this incredibly versatile molecule to eradicate troublesome stains and odors from your carpets, upholstery, clothing, and more
First, it pries open the proteins, then it unleashes safe-but-powerful surfactants (in other words, soap) that eliminates all evidence of even the toughest stain.
Two tablets
Yes, simply add 1 tablet, fill with water, wait till tablet dissolves and begin cleaning

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Founder's Note

Coming from cleaning houses to earn money as a teenager to many years spent in people’s most intimate spaces as an Interior Designer, I completely understand the power of a clean home. I developed my Whole House Cleaning line for busy people like you and me. We need safe, non-toxic, but effective cleaning solutions. This is all that and more! 

Jennifer Adams, Founder and CEO