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  • Jennifer Adams on YouTube Jennifer Adams on YouTube Need craft ideas or cleaning tips? Want to know how to get your house looking great? Check out the new YouTube channel, "Jennifer Adams Inspire Yourself” today!
  • Moving with Pets Moving with Pets Cross town or cross country, moving is so stressful for everyone including your pets. Here are some tips to make it easier!
  • Mushrooms: Grill 'em, Saute 'em & More! Mushrooms: Grill 'em, Saute 'em & More! Think beyond basic white button mushrooms. Here are some new gourmet mushroom recipe and ideas to grill, saute and enjoy!
  • Ask Jennifer: Neighbors Overstep with Painted Porch Ask Jennifer: Neighbors Overstep with Painted Porch A property line is crossed when a neighbor paints another person’s concrete porch red. Jennifer Adams has tips on how to restore peace in the neighborhood and serenity to the porch.
  • Brew Coffee in Your Fridge Brew Coffee in Your Fridge Iced coffee is just hot coffee cold, right? It wasn’t until recently that I learned about cold brewing coffee in your fridge. My morning cup of Joe has been transformed.

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