4 Simple Ways to Transform a Tired Bathroom in a Single Day

4 Simple Ways to Transform a Tired Bathroom in a Single Day

Do you dream about having an expansive, spa-like bathroom … but the bathroom you’ve got now just feels dark and cramped? It doesn’t have to stay that way! Your bathroom is the place where you put yourself together every day, and the atmosphere of your bathroom also has a significant impact on helping to determine how you feel about yourself. You deserve to help your bathroom to look and feel its best – so that you can look and feel your best, too!

The good news is that a total remodel of the space isn’t necessary. There are plenty of simple ways to help transform your bathroom from drab and tired, to refreshing and inviting.

Here are 4 of our favorite tips for making any bathroom – large or small – more beautiful and functional:

Keep It Clean & In Good Working Order

Regular cleaning is a must for any bathroom. For starters, it’s worth doing whatever you can to help eliminate and prevent mold & mildew for the sake of your health. It’s also important to make sure that everything is in working order. A leaky faucet or a toilet that won’t stop running can lead to more than just an inflated water bill; the persistent presence of issues like this can also make you feel more depressed every time you visit the bathroom. Dirty shower walls, stains in the grout, and clogs in the drain don’t help to inspire confidence during your most personal and private moments, either. A clean, healthy bathroom represents a clean, healthy human being. You deserve such a space.

Perform a deeper cleaning of your bathroom at least weekly by wiping down all surfaces, removing any mold or mildew, and making sure to sweep or vacuum the floor. Just the simple acts of keeping your toilet clean and your bathroom mirror clear will make a huge difference in improving your bathroom’s atmosphere. A mirror that’s spotted or blurry simply won’t reflect your image in a positive manner, and a dirty toilet really doesn’t do anyone any good!

Organize & Accessorize

Have fun with your accessories – this is one area where you can really let your personality shine through! But at the same time, you really don’t need too many bathroom accessories, especially since you’re likely to be working with limited available space. Towels really do double duty for both functionality and design. It’s a good idea to try and coordinate them with the other accents in the room, including the bath mat, soap dispenser, wastebasket, and shower curtain (if your bathroom has a shower). At the least, choose a towel color that doesn’t clash with the rest of your decor.

Take time to evaluate your current bathroom accessories. Does your bathroom feel cluttered and tight? If so, ask yourself two questions about each item: is it important, and do you love it? If you can’t answer “yes” to both questions, that means it’s time to let it go. If it’s an important item that simply is old or worn-out (like a bathroom mat or towels), shop for something new. Having fresh, new towels that coordinate well with your decor will make your bathroom feel fresher, more stylish, and more inviting.

Change Your Wall Color

One of the best ways to rejuvenate your bathroom space is to paint it. Pro tip: choose a wall color that compliments your skin tone. Choose something you’ll love to see surrounding your face and body every day when you look at yourself in the mirror. A mustard tone or an overly bright color might not do your skin justice. Some colors can also skew your makeup and clothing choices. Also factor in that the color should coordinate or contrast nicely with any hard surfaces like countertops, flooring, and shower walls. You can also choose to pull an inspiration color from your accessories.

Another bathroom paint pro tip: choose a washable wall finish that can hold up to moisture. In a large bathroom with good ventilation, eggshell paint works well. However, if your bathroom doesn’t have the best ventilation – or if you have young children with sticky fingers – a satin finish will hold up even better. Bathrooms with showers are not the best places to use wallpaper. The steam essentially acts like a wallpaper adhesive remover. Limit wallpaper use to powder rooms. It’s also wise to choose a durable finish for the ceiling paint in your bathroom, too.

Improve Your Lighting

Another simple way to refresh your bathroom is to brighten it up. If there are windows, make sure they’re able to let in as much natural light as possible. As far as artificial lights go, overhead lighting really isn’t the best option for getting your hair and makeup right. If possible, try adding some focused light to the sides of your mirror with sconces. If you’re renting and can’t change any fixtures, try placing tall lamps on either side of the sink. If that isn’t possible either, you can always make use of an illuminated makeup mirror. Better bathroom lighting will improve visibility, and it can also help to lighten the atmosphere. Experiment to find the right type of light bulb which offers the color and intensity of light you prefer.

Maintain the ongoing appearance of your bathroom with three simple daily actions. Wipe off your counter surface, neatly hang your towels, and do a quick mirror cleaning every day. Doing all three will only take you a minute or two, and following this daily routine will do wonders in enhancing the look and feel of your bathroom.

Go ahead and give these tips and suggestions a try – you are so worth it!