Lux Collection
Lux Collection

Lux Collection

The ultimate in effortless luxury, Jennifer's Lux Collection brings 5-star resort quality bedding home.

Indulge in superior softness with our top-selling Lux Collection. Known for perfectly balancing durability, style, and comfort, this fabric will give you a unique sensory experience. Our enzyme-washing and double-brushing techniques result in a petal-like texture that soothes your skin like no other.

Whether it's winter or summer, this breathable fabric is gentle on delicate skin and easy to maintain, ensuring minimal wrinkles and an always-fresh look.

Lux Collection Features and Benefits:

  • Superior Softness: Enzyme-washed and double-brushed fabric to deliver our signature microfiber softness
  • Low Maintenance: Wrinkle resistant and easy care 
  • Hypoallergenic: Breathable, good for sensitive skin, and helps lessen allergens 
  • Eco-Conscious: Prioritizes sustainability with eco-friendly production processes 
  • Effortless Style: Gorgeous heathered look with relaxed finish
  • Oeko-Tex certified:  Free of harmful chemicals

Our Lux Collection includes:

  • Lux Sheet Sets
  • Lux Pillowcases
  • Lux Duvet Cover
  • 3-Piece Lux Duvet Cover and Sham Set
  • Lux Down Alternative Duvet Insert/Comforter
  • Diamond Quilted Blanket and Shams

Lux Collection Sheet Sets

The Lux Collection Sheet Set is the perfect combination of performance and durability, not to mention its high-quality craftsmanship and incomparable softness. Because we believe everyone deserves to sleep on bed sheets that are comfortable, soft, and beautiful, our Lux Sheet Sets are guaranteed to provide you with the most serene sleep experience.

All our sheets begin with responsible manufacturing, state-of-the-art weaving technology, and exceptional craftsmanship. We use the finest threads, tailored hems and stitching, deep pockets, and all the finishing touches you’ve come to love from Jennifer Adams.

With an elegant yet relaxed, modern color palette, each color captures a clean, timeless look and feel that easily complements any bedroom and personal style. 

Lux Collection Pillowcases

Rest your head on our Lux Collection Pillowcases. Get all the benefits of our Lux fabric: breathability, hypoallergenic, year-round comfort, and petal-like softness. Additionally, our eco-conscious manufacturing process guarantees that these pillowcases meet Oeko-Tex standards, ensuring quality and sustainability are prioritized in every aspect of production. 

Each set comes with a pair of pillowcases with European-style flap enclosure.

Lux 3-Piece Duvet Cover and Sham Set

Looking for a quick way to transform your bedroom into an oasis? We offer a top-of-bed Lux Duvet Cover and Sham Set that is both versatile and easy to take care of. Plus, your bed will look oh-so-inviting with its modern, relaxed look and feel. Get ready to love bedtime!

Each 3-piece set comes with a duvet cover and matching pair of shams with button enclosures. 

Lux Duvet Cover and Duvet Insert/Comforter

For our Lux enthusiasts, indulge in the complete Lux bed experience, from sheets to pillowcases and shams to our down alternative comforter. Whether used as a standalone cozy blanket or paired with our Lux Duvet Cover for an added touch of softness and elegance, our Lux comforter ensures a peaceful slumber while being hypoallergenic. 

Embrace the cozy warmth it provides all year round, making your bed a sanctuary of comfort and luxury.

Diamond Quilted Blankets and Shams

If you're looking for something classic with a clean modern look, our Lux Diamond Blanket fits the bill. With its diamond-stitched pattern, this versatile blanket is a gorgeous way to layer on texture, style, and comfort to your bed. Drape it on top of your bedding as a coverlet, or use it on its own as a lightweight blanket. 

Pair it with matching Diamond Quilted Shams for the perfect finishing touch.

Tips for Keeping Your Bedding Fresh and Clean

Your bedding — sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover — are items that you use on a daily basis. Because these kinds of linens are frequently used, it’s important to learn how to take care of them so they last, keep looking good, and continue to give you joy for years to come. 

This is especially so when it comes to your sheets, which get hours of use every day. It makes such a difference to know that when you go to bed, your linens are fresh, clean, and comfy!

How to Take Care of Your Bed Sheets:

  • Read the care label for instructions, then wash your new sheets before use.
  • Wash your fitted sheets, bed spreads, and pillow cases weekly. Duvet covers, shams, thick quilts, and throws can be washed every one to three months, depending on frequency of use. 
  • The best method of washing your sheets is in warm water with a mild laundry detergent. If you have white sheets, you can use non-chlorine bleach. If you need to remove stains, use a product like OxiClean. Adding baking soda to your wash, or vinegar to your rinse cycle, can also freshen up your laundry. And remember to wash similar colored items and fabrics together.
  • Dry your sheets at low to medium heat and remove them before they are fully dry to reduce wrinkles. To avoid your sheets getting bunched up, shake them out before you put them into the dryer. You may also want to check on the load midway to make sure other linens or items didn’t get caught in your fitted sheets.
  • Before you store them or put them back on your bed, be sure your sheets are fully dry, and store your bedding in a cool place that is well-ventilated.

Your sheets are essential for creating a cozy and relaxing sleep environment that you’ll love climbing into every night. Take care of them and they will take care of you!

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