Creating a Sanctuary at Home

Creating a Sanctuary at Home

During this challenging time, let your home be a sanctuary. Your home can be a place to relax, be calm, and find comfort. Although the world around us can and does feel somewhat overwhelming right now, you have the power to frame your home environment as a real oasis for you and your family.

During this pandemic, many of us find ourselves working from home, and most of us will be required to isolate ourselves for quite some time. Those with children are adapting to remote learning and home schooling. We are all having to learn to adjust and find new ways to function during this unique and unprecedented situation. 

But being at home can actually be an opportunity. An opportunity to really appreciate each other’s company, and to appreciate the simple things in life: cooking and eating homemade meals, watching a movie, playing a board game together. It’s also an opportunity to tend to your own self-care and well-being— you can catch up on your sleep, meditate, journal, and read during your own personal staycation!

Start with Small Changes

At Jennifer Adams, we believe that your home has the power to help you thrive. That’s why it’s important to transform your home into a place you truly love. With simple adjustments to your attitude and sense of wellbeing, you can make a big impact not just at home, but in every other aspect of your life. In preparation for making those small shifts, it’s worthwhile to reflect on some aspects of your current living space that will help shed light on what home means to you:

  • What do you love about your home?
  • What do you not love so much?
  • What in your home elevates you, inspires you?
  • What in your home frustrates you?
  • What qualities are important to you in a home?
  • What favorite memory do you have about a home?

Answering these questions will help you have a clearer sense of what home means to you, and will help you to see what is and isn’t working in your home right now. With reflection, you can then begin to note what kinds of changes you could make to enhance your environment so it’s more comfortable and pleasant. In many cases, there really are some simple solutions that will help to shape and nurture your desired home oasis.

Home Enhancing Projects

Do you have drawers full of junk? A messy garage that needs to be cleaned? A closet that needs to be purged? Well, there are two things that are decidedly in your favor right now – time, and location! Being at home can be a great opportunity to get organized and clear away the clutter to make more room for the good things (both literally and metaphorically). To help you get started, try these tips:

Know when it’s time to let go

Let’s say you’re ready to declutter your bedroom. For each item in your room, mindfully ask yourself these questions: Do I love this item? Does it still serve a purpose? Does it support my intention of having a bedroom that is calm and relaxing?

Clear away the piles 

Look around your home. Do you see piles of magazines, books, newspapers, junk, etc.? Those piles not only collect lots of dust and are unattractive, but they’re wasting precious space. To keep those piles in check, give yourself an expiration date for when you will sort, donate, recycle, or throw away each pile.

Vision Board it

On a board, post your checklist of decluttering projects organized by room or category. Prioritize your lists, and then designate at least five minutes a day to accomplish one Once it’s done, take it off the board. By visualizing and working at your list of projects daily, you’ll see and feel good about taking real action and making progress towards achieving your goals.

Home projects like decluttering doesn’t have to feel like just another boring chore. Turn on some fun music and let yourself enjoy the process of tidying up. Or better yet, since you’re cooped up with the rest of the family anyway, why not enlist the help of everyone in your household to work together? The positive results can make a big difference for everyone involved!

In challenging times, action conquers fear. While you have more time and opportunity, go ahead and take some action to create the best home environment for your family as well as yourself. Let it be a place that truly brings you comfort, peace, and wellness.

You can also check out our website and blog for more information and resources on how to transform your home into your very own personal sanctuary. For all your home bedding, design, and décor needs, we’re here for you. Be well!