Jumbo Light Taupe Intore Bowl

This extremely unique bowl features the bold pattern representing the East African dancers moving to drum beats. This is a great decorative piece rich with tradition and heritage of it’s Rwandan crafters. This bowl is woven by hand from sisal and sweet grass fibers. It is safe to use with food, making the perfect fruit bowl or bread basket. It also has a loop on the back to be hung on a wall as a decorative focal point.
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This Jumbo Light Taupe Intore Bowl conjures up the sights and sounds of East African dancers spinning to the beat of the drum.
Features & benefits:
  • Woven from natural fibers of sisal and sweetgrass
  • Natural colors and organic dyes create a bold, pointed pattern
  • Fantastic signature piece that can function as a table bowl or a wall hanging
  • Safe to use with food
  • Hand-crafted by Rwandan craftswomen
Bowl16 Inches (40.64 cm)6 Inches (15.24 cm)