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Can’t Sleep? Try These 11 Things

Can’t Sleep? Try These 11 Things

I’m tired. I hardly slept last night. I couldn’t fall asleep. I don’t know why I wake up every night. I NEED SLEEP!

If this is you, it’s time to experiment with those sleep remedies you always read about but never actually try. We put together a list of tried and true sleep fixes. Find some that work for you, a get some sleep, already.

1. Pillow spray. Get on Amazon right now, order some lavender pillow spray, then come back and read the rest of this list.

2.  Meditation. You still haven’t tried it, have you? Everyone talks about it for a reason. It works. If you’re a newbie, search for guided meditations online and pop in those earbuds. You’ll be relaxed and ready to slumber in no time.

3.  A sound machine. Remember that summer your air conditioning went out, and you slept with a fan on all night, every night? You slept like a baby. That’s because of the white noise. There are also sound machines that have options including ocean waves and gentle music. If you are a light sleeper or have noisy roommates, you need one of these.

4.  Blackout curtain or a retractable blackout shade. Light pollution is a thing, and it’s messing with your circadian rhythms. That means you are not getting a good night’s rest. Sleeping in a darkened room can help.  

5.  Control your climate. Studies show our bodies get the deepest sleep in a cooler room. So, cool your bod and catch better-quality Z’s.

6.  Set up a bedtime routine. Our bodies love routine. We are designed for routine. I mean—hello—every day the sun rises and sets. That’s a routine, and we live by it. You need a bedtime routine that will signal your body it’s time to wind down.

7.  Have a consistent bedtime and wakeup time. An erratic schedule kills your beauty rest. Like the bedtime routine, a set time to sleep and awaken promotes better slumber.

8.  Turn off your electronics 1-2 hours before bedtime. Trust us, you can do this. You are a grownup now, and you need your sleep! Blue light from screens actually amps up your brain, and that is a no-no for nighttime.

9.  Intimacy. Yes, we are saying it. After your heart rate comes back down, don’t you just feel relaxed afterward? That’s all the great hormones that are released. Plus, what else are you going to do after you turn off your phones, tablets, and computers?

10.  Books. Oh, yes, there are always books. Maybe less fun than #9 but rewarding in other ways. Helpful hint: if you’re hooked into a juicy plot, plan out how many pages you’ll read and then stop. No staying up all night to finish the story.

11.  Reflection. Give yourself the gift of time to think about your day and plan for tomorrow. If you are one of those people that obsesses over details, reflect on any lingering issues of the day, and write down anything you don’t want to forget tomorrow. Then set it aside and clear your mind.

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