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Restful Rituals

Restful Rituals

The better the sleep, the less stress. Always. Which is why establishing a reliable and repeatable nighttime routine can be a game changer. The things you do before bedtime tend to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the next day, so we’re sharing a few of our restful rituals and tips to help you reset for Spring.

Unplug! In this day and age, many of us spend our days with eyes glued to our computer, iPad and phone screens. Limiting your usage is definitely a challenge, which is why it’s so important to give yourself a break before bedtime. Here are some tips:

  • No electronics in bed or on the nightstand. No exceptions. If you’re worried about that 6am wake-up alarm, it’s actually a lot easier if you physically have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off. Try keeping your phone across the room or even in your bathroom to force you to get moving in the morning.
  • Blue light blocking glasses . Ok you may think these are crazy (because they certainly make you look it), but these will be your new night-time best friend. Research shows that the blue light from your phone and computer causes problems for your sleep patterns. Your brain interprets this as the sun’s brightness and stops producing melatonin. Pretty crazy, right? This not only leads to poorer sleep, but also ages you faster (no thank you!).


Dress for the Occasion Getting comfortable is key. Throw on your go-to jammies, robe, sweats, nighty, or whatever floats your boat and kick your feet up. If you’re in the mood to treat yourself, our robes are the perfect thing to slip into after a long day and guaranteed to keep you extra cozy and relaxed. Think of your favorite hotel robe you’ve ever snuggled up in -- seriously, it’s that times ten. Trust us, you won’t want to wear anything else.  

Unwind and Decompress Find a way to unwind and decompress that works for you. A few things we’ve tried that you may like:

  • Make a cup of non-caffeinated tea, like a Chamomile or Peppermint to help get your body to that relaxed state
  • Reading (yes, from a real book)
  • Guided meditation or some deep breathing to clear your mind
  • Listening to music
  • Playing with your pets (by far our favorite)


What are some of your restful rituals that you can’t live without? Share in the comments below.
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