Holiday Weekends at Home: 4 Staycation Ideas

Holiday Weekends at Home: 4 Staycation Ideas

Do you have a holiday weekend coming up? And you’re thinking how nice it would be to get away and take a vacation? But if the reality is that travel isn’t possible for you right now and you’re stuck at home, don’t let it get you down. You can have a fun staycation at home!

Staycations are a wonderful way to take time for yourself in the comfort and convenience of your own home. It’s great on your budget and gives you plenty of flexibility and time to do what you want without all the stress that often comes with traveling. Taking a vacation at home is also a highly beneficial way to practice self-care and prevent burnout. So, if there’s a long weekend coming up and you’re ready for a relaxing staycation, take some time to plan ahead so you can take full advantage of the time. Here are 4 of our favorite ideas for the perfect staycation!

Indulge in a Romantic Getaway

Romantic getaway staycation

If you and your partner are in need of a special, romantic getaway, there’s no better way than staying at home. Imagine creating a lovely B&B-type setting in your home and bedroom.

To plan ahead: stock your kitchen up with your favorite goodies, enough for the whole weekend. For setting the right mood, have candles ready for romantic dinners and pre-selected music that you love to listen, and even dance, too. Make sure your bedroom is especially set up for comfort and relaxation. You can have breakfast in bed together or even a fun picnic! (For some extra tips on creating a romantic getaway at home, check out this blog.)

Relax at a Soothing Spa

Relaxing spa day

If you’re in need of some extra rest and relaxation, give yourself the gift of an at-home spa treatment. Imagine your long weekend like it’s a relaxing resort or retreat where you’ll be pampered and treated to soothing baths, spa treatments, and delicious, healthy foods.

To plan ahead: stock your kitchen with healthy, nourishing foods and beverages like teas and juices. If you have your own juice machine, put it to use and create a juicing menu for yourself that you can enjoy all weekend. Do online research so you can create your own DIY, purifying masks for your face, hair, or body. Other considerations are scented candles, and oils for calming baths and massages. To make it even more relaxing, try to keep your devices turned off for the weekend and set up an automatic reply that you’re away. Remember, the point is to indulge yourself—or you and your partner can indulge each other! (For more tips, check this blog out.)

Have a Film Festival

Family movie night

A fun way for the whole family to spend the weekend is to have a film festival at home. You can choose to have it be themed, like comedy, animation, or romance. Or you can take turns choosing that night’s movie selection.

To plan ahead: set up your list of movies and have them ready to go, by adding them to your Netflix queue or checking them out from your local library. Also make sure to stock up on all your favorite movie snacks, like popcorn, candies, and other tasty morsels. Finally, get your “movie theatre” space ready for lounging—it’s always great to have comfy pillows and throw blankets for everyone. Then enjoy the entertainment!

Create a Vision Board for Your Future

Vision boards for your future

A unique way to spend a long weekend—whether alone, with a partner, or with your family—is to use the time to do something meaningful for your future. Maybe you’re feeling ready to make a big change in your life or career? Maybe you’re ready to renovate your home or your health? Whatever it is that you want to create in your life, there’s a powerful tool that can help you realize your dream: a vision board. It’s a simple tool to help you realize your dream by first putting it in a tangible format using images and words to represent it.

To plan ahead, gather old magazines that you can cut images and text from (you can also search for these online and print them out), then tape or pin them to a poster board or corkboard. Begin your vision board by setting an intention about what this vision board is about, and write it out for yourself. Then give yourself the whole weekend to cut out images and words that represent your intention—both visually and in how you want to feel—and arrange them on your board. Once you are happy with it, make a commitment to look at your vision board daily, letting it motivate you to take action to realize your dream. (For more helpful tips about the magic of vision boards, take a look at this blog.)

Enjoy your staycation!