whoops! Stain Remover (2oz Bottle)

As long as there are humans or pets in your home, there’s one thing you can count on – there will be stains. But with our 2 oz Whoops! Stain Remover Spray (part of Jennifer Adams’ Whole House Cleaning Solution line), stains don’t have to be forever, and they don’t have to be hard to get out, either!  Travel Size - great for your purse, briefcasebackpack, or even for the car. 

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"I found this a couple of years ago. It is the best cleaning product ever!!! I have had no problem removing any pet stains from carpeting, including urine, feces, vomit…….even if the stains are older. It also works well on food stains and spills, including coffee and red wine……also tracked in dirt and mud. I have yet to find something it didn’t work on………..it is worth every penny and then some." - Samantha

Whoops! Stain Remover Spray is a quick-and-easy way to fight tough food or drink stains instantly, and it doesn’t require rinsing. Just spray, blot, and go!

Features & benefits:
  • Powered by Fizzion CO2 technology
  • Lifts and neutralizes stains & odors naturally, without toxic chemicals
  • Safe to use around children and pets
  • Effective on most upholsteries, carpets, and fabrics
  • Works on coffee, tea, soda, juice, wine, jelly, chocolate, even pet stains!

Directions for use:

Absorb as much of the stain as possible before adding Whoops cleaner.  Apply to the outside of the stain, back to the center.  Allow stain remover to sit on the stain for a few seconds and gently blot away the stain using a microfiber or cotton towel. 

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Yes Whoops works on Coffee Stains
Coffee, Wine, Tea, Soda, Juices, Jelly, Chocalat to name a few.
The bottle contains 2 ounces and is perfect for your purse or car - only 4.5 inches tall.
We recommend using a microfiber or cotton towel
Founder's Note

Coming from cleaning houses to earn money as a teenager to many years spent in people’s most intimate spaces as an Interior Designer, I completely understand the power of a clean home. I developed my Whole House Cleaning line for busy people like you and me. We need safe, non-toxic, but effective cleaning solutions. This is all that and more!

Jennifer Adams, Founder and CEO