Home Décor Ideas for Celebrating Fall

Home Décor Ideas for Celebrating Fall

Fall arrived this year on September 23, but it certainly didn’t feel like fall yet in many parts of the U.S.! Some areas enjoyed (depending on your point of view, of course) an Indian summer that lasted well into October. Because of the lingering warm temperatures that didn’t act like they were ready to leave just yet, some folks were hesitant to put up their fall decorations in September. But now that fall appears to have finally taken hold across most of the country, it’s time to go ahead and make the transition with your home decorating, too. Whether you’re sipping hot apple cider, sitting in front of a crackling fire, reading a good book, playing a family board game, or running outside to jump into a pile of leaves with the kids, here are some simple tips and ideas to help get your home and your family in the spirit of the season, so you’ll be ready to enjoy all things autumn.


Fall Bouquets

Gourds, wreaths, and floral arrangements are wonderful additions to any fall décor scheme. Entryways are the perfect space to showcase a wreath or arrangement that welcomes you and your family home each day; this also makes making an inviting statement to your fall guests, as well. Dried flowers, leaves and even attractive twigs can be combined to create a whimsical and lovely bouquet.


Add Some Earthy Tones and Accents

Rich greens, blues, yellows, oranges, reds, and browns are reflected in the changing leaves of fall, and these earthy tones are a must for creating a beautiful fall decorative space. You can add splashes of color with accent pillows, accessories, blanket, or quilt. Or for something a bit bolder, you can even paint a single accent wall. Along with color, you can also add some natural wood or reclaimed wood furniture, like a side table or coffee table, for a rustic fall vibe.


Light Up Some Scented Candles

Nothing beats the delicious fragrance and soft glow of scented candles in the home. Decorative candles not only enliven the home’s visual atmosphere, but the right candle can also help freshen up the air and create the right autumn scent mood. Plus, the glow of a lit candle creates a warm, magical radiance that soothes the mind, relaxes the body, and stirs the soul. Choose one of your seasonal favorites, or let us help you find your new favorite by exploring our collection of natural wax scented candles.


Decorate With Plush Throws and Pillows

Drape a faux fur or plush velvet throw over the back of a chair, on an ottoman, or across a sofa for a luxurious look. This will really help make your space look and feel more warm and inviting. If you’re having a hard time deciding whether to go with faux fur or velvet – we’ve got the perfect solution. You can have both! Our Velvet Faux Fur Throw is exceptionally soft and chic, featuring soft velvet on one side and luxurious faux fur on the other.


Add Texture and Layers to Your Bed

Spruce up your bedroom and bed by layering textures and accents. It’s all about creating a comfortable and warm sanctuary, which means choosing things that bring you joy and relaxation. You can add throw pillows and blankets to a bedroom chair, or add some beautiful pillow shams to your bed. Another great option is a quilted blanket or coverlet that you can lay on top of your bed or fold at the foot. They add texture, give your bed a finished look, and offer additional warmth on cold nights. Try our Lux Diamond Coverlets that come in an array of gorgeous colors that are sure to elevate the style and comfort levels of your bedroom.


Warm Up the Outdoors

As you create a cozy home indoors, don’t forget the outdoors too! With crisp morning air and clear starry nights, fall can be a fantastic season to enjoy your garden or patio. But if you’re worried about the chill, no worries; just consider adding a fire feature. Fire pits can be a great addition to your yard, and can also be a fun way to enjoy s’ mores with your family in the evening! With the myriad of options in style, size, and shape, you can easily find a fire feature that suits your budget, space, and needs. 


From all of us at Jennifer Adams, happy fall, y’all