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How High Can You Soar: The Power of Resiliency

How High Can You Soar: The Power of Resiliency

What is resiliency? Resiliency is the ability to overcome challenges and setbacks in life and to bounce back even stronger and wiser. It’s a mindset that says, “I’m not going to let this disappointment keep me down.” So instead of dwelling on a setback and letting yourself get stuck, you accept the situation, pull yourself up, and choose to move on.

Characteristics of resilient people include:

  • Staying on task
  • Being optimistic
  • Not giving up
  • Managing feelings
  • Problem-solving
  • Healthy self-esteem and confidence
  • Staying calm under pressure
  • Believing life has a purpose

Accessing the Power of Resiliency

In your journey toward achieving your life goals, it’s critical to realize that setbacks don’t mean that you’re a failure and all hope is lost. It’s important to always try and recognize the bigger lesson a setback might have to offer. So instead of seeing this as a dead end, make it an opportunity to gain new knowledge and insight which you can then use to improve your life. It’s what you do with setbacks that helps to determine your future.

Here are a few “power moves” to help strengthen your resiliency:

  • If you’re going after something you truly desire, don’t give up on the first, second, or even third attempt. Keep working at it!
  • With every disappointment, ask yourself how you can make improvements. Be tenacious and be willing to make adjustments.
  • With every rejection, try to reflect on why you got a “no.”
  • Rejection doesn’t mean you are flawed or a failure. It just means someone else made a different choice; don’t take it personally. If you believe in what you’re doing and keep at it, someone else will be there to accept your offer eventually.

Learning From Our Mistakes

Whether you’ve made a poor decision, said the wrong thing, missed a deadline, or made a mistake — know that we all do that from time to time. Own your mistake and apologize if necessary, but then decide to learn from it and work on not making the same mistake again. Once you’ve acknowledged and reflected on the mistake, it’s time to let it go.

Moving on is key. It’s easy to wallow in guilt, self-pity, or embarrassment. Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions come up, but be resilient. Accept, let go, and move on. In so doing, you’ll free up valuable headspace that will allow you to let the good flow in.

Embracing Change

Practicing resiliency has a lot to do with being willing to accept change. Whether you’re dealing with a setback or a success, either outcome will bring about some type of change in your life. Being able to adapt and stay flexible are both essential skills to help you move with the flow of life. See it as the adventure that it is!

Look for the gifts to be mined as a result of the change. For example, if it’s a change of job, look at it as a new opportunity to learn and build new relationships. There’s always a hidden opportunity in change, you just need to be able to see it with fresh eyes. By arming yourself with optimism and curiosity, you can!

Celebrate the Successes

Another great tip to help you build your resiliency and confidence is to celebrate your successes. No matter how big or small the accomplished goals are, acknowledging them is both uplifting and empowering. Remember the work it took to get there, the setbacks you faced and overcame along the way, and the rewarding feeling of achievement. This is especially helpful when you’re in the midst of a downturn; recognizing the successes you’ve had will remind you that there’s probably an upturn just around the corner.

Life is a series of ups and downs, ebbs and flows. It’s always changing, so once you can embrace that fact you’ll be better poised to face the next setback. Remind yourself that circumstances will turn around again. Remember that you have survived difficulties before and have also enjoyed other successes before. Take this knowledge and realize you are courageous enough to move forward. It will help you to appreciate how resilient you really are!

You can learn more about the power of resiliency and gain more tools for success from Jennifer Adams’ book, How High Can You Soar. It’s available now, just click here to get your copy today!

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