Quilted Shams
Quilted Shams

Quilted Shams

Indulge in our luxury quilted shams to give your bed that effortlessly elegant look.

Pillowcases vs. Pillow Shams

So, what is the difference between pillowcases and pillow shams? This is a common question! The answer is simple. A pillowcase is a removable fabric cover for a pillow. Basically, the pillows that you sleep on are covered by pillowcases. On the other hand, a pillow sham is a decorative pillowcase that gives your pillows, and in turn, your bed, a more finished look. Simply put, you can personalize the appearance of your bed and bedroom by using pillow shams to layer.

Shams are usually intended for decorating purposes. But that doesn't mean that you have to compromise on the quality or softness of them. Which is why, we make sure that our pillow shams are just as luxurious, comfortable and durable as all our bedding. And even more so, we care about your safety, so our shams are Oeko-tex Certified. This means that you will always be safe from any chemicals or toxins as our fabric has been thoroughly tested for 350 toxic chemicals.

We care about your health and safety while basking in complete comfort and softness.

Quilted Pillow Shams

Using pillow shams is one way to really define the style and personality of your bedroom. But what exactly is a quilted sham? The front of these shams have a decorative type of stitching on them. You can use them on their own or as a part of a blanket, duvet, or coverlet set. Either way, you'll end up loving the way it brings the beauty of your room together.

When you choose bedding from our collections at Jennifer Adams, your bed can feel like your own custom 5-star hotel room, every single night! Especially with our different patterns.

Diamond Quilted Sham

Choosing the right pattern is key to creating an ultra-lux bed experience and that is why this elegant diamond stitched pattern is one of our most popular options. It adds a textural richness to your bed that is unmatched. Elegance isn't the only plus side to these shams, though. These extra-fine woven shams are also crafted with our double brushed signature Lux fabric. Our are easy to care for and durable, while also lightweight and comfortable. Plus, they're wrinkle resistant and can effortlessly fit into your daily bedding. This means that they're perfect to use throughout the year. They also come in a selection of stylish colors. This includes: White, Whisper Gray, Ivory, Linen, Graphite and Clay.

Amelia Quilted Sham

Add a sleek luxury feel to your room with our Amelia quilted sham pattern. The modern detailing and design add a stylish touch to your bed. But the sophisticated appearance isn't the only thing worth noting. Extra-finely woven, brushed microfiber makes this sham ultra-soft. And of course, it is wrinkle resistant and made from a quick drying fabric. So, it is also easy to care for. Available in Linen, White, Graphite, Whisper Gray and Sage, this sham is beyond gorgeous.

Madison Quilted Sham

Decorated with farmhouse-inspired squares, this beautiful sham pattern is a delight to look at and touch. Made from Jennifer's most luxurious fabric, this sham is ideal for layering onto your bed. Because it is lightweight, it provides you with extra comfort, softness and support while making your bed look effortlessly inviting. Our Madison Quilted Sham is wrinkle-free and quick drying too. Plus, it is durable and long-lasting, which means that your investment will last the test of time. So choose a color that you love! Or better yet, you can choose all 3 that are available. This includes a sleek Graphite color, an elegant Linen and a soothing Whisper Blue.

Better Together

Give your room a complete, balanced look by indulging in our sets. Gracefully pair our Quilted Diamond Sham with our Diamond Blanket and Coverlet. Then we have the 3-piece Vertical Stripes Quilted Blanket Set, which includes a sham to match the vertical blanket. That's not all, you can also spoil yourself with the So Soft Stonewash 3-Piece Quilt Set. To add to that, you can pair the Madison Quilt Sham with the Madison Quilted Blanket and coverlet. And of course, you can complement the Amelia Quilt Set with the Amelia Blanket and Coverlet. Want more ideas? No worries! You can mix-and-match them. After all, our quilted shams can bring out your inner creative self and give you the chance to style your bed and bedroom according to your own personal taste.

The Best Fabrics Available

Shop from our decorative sham collection to layer, complement, and contrast with the rest of your bedding to give your bed (and bedroom) the perfect Southern California-inspired look and feel. Choose from our 100% Long-Staple Cotton, Linen, and our best selling premium Brushed Microfiber Shams. Plus, Deluxe Pillow Shams from Jennifer Adams are available in decorative and attractive colors, fabrics, and come in both standard and king sizes.

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