Books by Jennifer Adams
Books by Jennifer Adams

Books by Jennifer Adams

Award-winning designer and author Jennifer Adams shares inspiration from both her personal and professional life.

Jennifer knows first-hand what it’s like to transform dreams into reality. Coming from humble beginnings, she cleaned homes long before launching her business from the ground up. She authored two inspiring books that help readers live their best lives, as well as providing them with tools and resources to reach success.

So, if you're looking for a bit of motivation or simply want some tips on how to bring out the best in your home, explore Jennifer’s bestselling books.

Love Coming Home

We all need a place where we can flourish, a sanctuary that feels good and embraces our entire person. When we have a home that is pleasing and supports our personal needs, we have a powerful tool that can inspire our best lives.

There’s no need to wait until someday to fully enjoy the home you have now. And if limiting beliefs or fears are holding you back, Love Coming Home gives you the confidence and motivation to turn those beliefs around and empower you to take action.

Filled with practical step-by-step tips, resources, and expert advice, Love Coming Home can help you transform your home, whatever your budget. So get ready to live in your dream home now!

In Love Coming Home you will learn how to:

  • Use a visualization tool — the vision board — to turn your dream home into reality
  • Define, refine, and align home projects and ideas into actionable, manageable steps
  • Create an effective and personal budget and a projects list
  • Transform each room in your home, by getting clear on its intention, function and décor
  • Build confidence to make the best decisions, purchases and improvements without wasting your money, time or energy
  • Create your own personal design plan
  • And so much more!

“The power of home is real! No matter where you started out in life, you can have the life and home you dream of … It’s time to let go of all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t, and know that indeed you can and that you deserve it. You can have your dream home right where you are living today. You can create an environment you will always love to come home to!”

—Jennifer Adams, Love Coming Home

How High Can You Soar

How High Can You Soar is a synthesis of everything Jennifer has learned in her personal and professional growth journey, with inspiring stories about friends, colleagues, and mentors she admires. Although from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, they all have one thing in common: they achieved their dreams. Despite fears, doubts, and setbacks, they found effective ways to stay resilient and be fearless. 

These powerful life lessons have been distilled into eight transformative steps, so you can achieve your dreams too.

The eight steps are:

  • Personal Responsibility
  • Dreaming Big
  • Your Mind
  • Vision Boards
  • Intentions and Stepping-Stones
  • Your Words
  • Being Ready and Fearless
  • Resiliency

Jennifer’s belief is that everyone deserves to have a fulfilling life. Yes, it takes work. Yes, it takes determination and courage. And yes, you can do it! The eight steps that are taught in this book will show you how. It is my dream that when you wake up and start your day, you wake up excited and loving life. 

“My greatest joy comes from inspiring and empowering others to live a life full of abundance, love, and fulfillment.”

—Jennifer Adams, How High Can You Soar

No matter where you started out, you have the power to rewrite your future. Start right now! Dream big!

From Love Coming Home: How to Create a Sanctuary 

Do you want a home where you can feel relaxed, calm, and comfortable? Although the world around us can feel overwhelming right now, your home has the power to be an oasis for you and your family. 

We believe that your home has the power to help you thrive. That’s why it’s important to transform your home into a place you love. With simple adjustments to your habits, you can make a big impact not only at home, but also throughout your entire life. 

In preparation for making those small shifts, it’s worthwhile to reflect on some aspects of your current space that will shed light on what home means to you:

  • What do you love about your home?
  • What do you not love so much?
  • What in your home elevates you, inspires you?
  • What in your home frustrates you?
  • What qualities are important to you in a home?
  • What favorite memory do you have about a home?

Answering these questions will help you have a clearer sense of what your home means to you, and what is working and what isn’t working in your home. With reflection, you will begin to note what kinds of changes you could make to enhance your environment so it’s more comfortable and pleasant — simple solutions to help foster the oasis you want to create.

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