How High Can You Soar

What is holding you back from living your dreams? What steps can you take to overcome your obstacles and reach them? Founder and author Jennifer Adams wrote How High Can You Soar to share her personal challenges from a humble childhood and how she overcame them to create a successful design firm and home décor company. With her insight, she hopes you'll soar to bigger heights than you thought imaginable. It's time to unlock your personal potential and step into your dreams!
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After experiencing adversity and personal tragedy, Jennifer made a decision to transform her life and work toward her deepest aspirations.

Learning every step of the way, Jennifer followed the advice of mentors and acted on her own intuition to manifest her goals. Through purposeful steps, bold action, and an unleashed imagination, she built her new life from the ground up.

Jennifer shares how she employed Eight Powers to achieve her goals. Not only does she share her own success using these powers, but she shares the success stories of exceptional people to show just how effective this way of being and acting can bring results.

With Jennifer’s guidance, readers are empowered to use the Eight Powers in their own lives to fly higher than they ever thought possible.

Features & benefits:
  • Actionable ways to live a more fulfilling life
  • Tools to build resilience and overcome setbacks
  • Inspirational stories and encouragement to make bold moves in your career and personal life
  • Motivates you to take action and transform your future
  • Feel more confident and empowered about achieving your goals