Luxury Washcloths
Luxury Washcloths

Luxury Washcloths

100% cotton. 100% softness. And a complete focus on your wellbeing.

Let's talk about washcloths. Why do we need them? What is the importance of choosing the right one for your home? To begin with, washcloths are less wasteful than paper towels, making them a more sustainable option. They're made with fabrics, such as cotton, which is biodegradable, so they're good for the environment. Most importantly, they're a more gentle option for your skin. If you're using washcloths on a daily basis, it's only fair that your using the softest of fabrics.

It's important to us that our bathroom products are just high-quality as our bedding. Our luxury washcloths are essential to any bathroom in your home. Because they are 100% cotton, they're remarkably soft to the touch and offer high moisture absorbency for a variety of usages. If you're looking for a high quality washcloth that is the perfect balance between ultra-softness and a five-star hotel feel, then this is the right choice for you.

With incredible durability and easy care instructions, our washcloths are perfect for everyone in your family. They're strong but delicate and super plush to cater to all skin types. They are the perfect addition to your daily routine because they will never be harsh on your face. Plus, they fit seamlessly in to all bathroom styles.

They're the best of the best.

Lago Washcloths

Woven in Portugal, our Lago Washcloths are exceptionally soft and made from a thick fabric that will thoroughly absorb moisture because of their long staple fiber and low-torsion combed cotton. Our washcloths are guaranteed to provide you with a truly next level bath experience.

This plush fabric has high absorbency, and the design's rounded corners create a unique hotel-like look to give your bathroom a five-star feeling. Our washcloths are durable, dense, and easy to care for. The entire Lago Plush Collection is our answer for long-lasting and exceptional elegance. All of our washcloths are made from life-friendly fabric and are also Oeko-Tex certified. We always put your wellbeing and comfort before anything else.

The Perfect Choice for The Perfect Bathroom

Indulge in the perfect luxury washcloth and bathroom sets, available to suit every home.

Bathroom sets come in two monochromatic colors that include a classic white and gray, giving your bathroom the perfect modern touch and fitting into any color palette. The simplicity allows for effortless style. Both options come in a 12″ x 12″ square size.

These washcloths have rounded corners and a cotton bias band with double stitch. They are lightweight (720gsm) which gives the design an exceptionally soft feel. They're available in singles or in a pack of 4, allowing you to customize your order.

An Ideal Combination

Give your bathroom a completed look by combining our luxury washcloths with the rest of our bathroom towels from the Lago Collection. Ensure that every piece of fabric that you use is of the same superior quality.

Spoil yourself with our Lago Bath Sheet! Since it's oversized, it's perfect to envelope your entire body. The rounded corners give it a beautiful spa-like appearance. You can bring the vacation feeling right into your home. Our bath sheets have the same qualities as our washcloths, including ultra-soft feel and thickness. Our bath sheets are highly absorbent, dense and easy to care for.

Don't forget our Lago Bath Towels! Their long staple fiber and low torsion combed cotton completely absorbs moisture and gives you an unmatched softness that will ensure you experience the most relaxing bath of your life. They are 100% cotton (like every product in the Lago Collection) and have the same resort quality look and feel.

Last but not least, our Lago Hand Towels. Comforting and easy to care for, these towels bring the entire collection together. Pair them with our washcloths, bath towels or bath sheets, and you have a perfectly styled bathroom.

All of these products are available in the same colors - ensuring everything matches perfectly.

A Special Sunset

Add a simple and modern touch to your bathroom with our feather-soft Kensley Washcloth. It's lightweight and quick-drying, with a beautifully modern banded trim of 9 layers, and is made with zero-twist combed cotton for effortless style. Available in white and silver, this washcloth is the perfect addition to your bathroom and can be purchased individually or in a pack of 4. It is 480gsm and is 100% cotton. Like our Lago Washcloths, they are woven in Portugal with meticulous care. A great option for everyday use, this sunset washcloth will only be available for a short while. So, hurry up and grab yours while you still can!

Bring Resort Quality To Your Home