Giving back is a core value of not only Home by Jennifer Adams, but one of Jennifer’s most important personal values as well. She discovered an opportunity to partner with a company that enables the people in the remote villages of Ghana, Uganda, and Rwanda to support their families by selling their unique and beautifully hand-crafted pieces.

Exporting their crafts to the United States makes it possible to sell to consumers across the globe. This, in turn, helps poverty-stricken villagers to feed their children and start to build a better life. Jennifer has always had a desire to help the people in this part of the world. Her mother is a missionary in Africa and has lived there for several years.

In hearing her stories and witnessing the struggles that the people go through there, Jennifer knew that this would be a great opportunity to sell products for a great and inspirational cause. The artisans of these amazing items have been given an opportunity share their creations with consumers across the ocean which helps to create a sustainable income for them.

Handcrafted Decor Collection