Dimensions & Care

To Wash:

It is very important to always wash your Jennifer Adams Home bedding by itself. Towels, and other fabrics can transfer particles to your bedding and diminish its unique buttery softness.

Wash only with other Jennifer Adams bedding Use regular cycle
Any liquid detergent you desire is acceptable, none with bleach.
Pods are not recommended, as they can possibly leave behind a residue.
A liquid fabric softener can be used– use sparingly. It is best not to add liquid softener directly to bedding.
Add to water before bedding or in the softener dispenser.
NO chlorine bleach, instead try a chlorine-free bleach or oxygenated cleaner.

To Dry:

There will often times be excess lint in the dryer lint screen. This is completely normal and to be expected. It will diminish over the first few washes.

Warm or high heat
140 degrees
Cool down
Although a fabric softener is not necessary, you may use a dryer sheet to reduce static. Try half a sheet first.
Remove promptly to keep your clean fresh sheets wrinkle-free! You can iron if necessary on the polyester setting.