Trade Program Terms & Conditions

Jennifer Adams, Inc. reserves the right to approve applications at its sole discretion. Misuse such as allowing others to use your sign on information will result in immediate termination. Membership in our Trade Program is not transferable. Tax exempt shopping applies to resale purchases only. Tax exempt shopping does not apply to personal purchases or items that will not be resold.

Membership in our Trade Program is valid for each calendar year. Approved Trade Members receive a minimum discount of 20% with additional discounts after reaching higher spending levels as shown on the application. Spending levels are based upon net calendar year-to-date purchases after discounts and excluding returns. If non-trade members are offered a promotional discount higher than the Trade discount, the higher discount will be given to Trade Members instead of (but not in addition to) their current Trade discount.

Membership does not expire and does not have to be renewed, however higher tier discounts expire at the end of each calendar year and reset to 20% until purchases reach higher discount tiers in each new calendar year. Jennifer Adams, Inc. reserves the right to discontinue this program without notice.