Wine Stain Remover

Wine is a wonderful thing to enjoy … as long as it stays in your glass. But when that occasional spill DOES happen, you can take care of that stain in a flash with our Wine Stain Remover Spray (part of Jennifer Adams’ new Whole House Cleaning Solution line)!  Even better! Our wine stain remover works on tough household and pet stains. 

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"It does what it SAYS it does, and is the ONLY thing I have ever had that works CONSISTENTLY on ALL stains… Blood, wine, newly discovered vomit, doggy diarrhea… and even getting rid of dead animal left behind odor… Deodorizes garbage cans… uses are endless."  - Janice

Our Wine Stain Remover Spray is your best defense for neutralizing wine stains instantly. It’s simple-to-use, naturally-based, and IT REALLY WORKS!

Features & benefits:
  • Powered by Fizzion CO2 technology
  • Removes wine stains naturally, without any toxic chemicals
  • No rinsing necessary, and leaves behind no messy residue
  • Works on flooring, clothes, and upholstery – even light-colored fabrics!

Directions for use:

Absorb as much of the stain as possible before adding Whoops cleaner. Apply to the outside of the stain, back to the center. Allow stain remover to sit on the stain for a few seconds and gently blot away the stain using a microfiber or cotton towel.

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