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7 Dos and Don’ts for Your Front Door Color

7 Dos and Don’ts for Your Front Door Color

Your front door is the gateway from the outside world to the haven of your home, your retreat from it all. From the moment anyone arrives at your home, every aspect of the entryway should be one of welcome and comfort.

But one thing to remember is that the entryway to your home is just as much for you as it is for guests—maybe more. After all, who goes in and out of your home more than you do? In order to love coming home, you have to start with your front door!

Finding the Perfect Color For Your Front Door

Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts to help you select the best color for your front door:

Do Start by Setting Your Intention

How to choose the right door color

The front door of your home should set the first impression for your personal style. What do you want your front door to express about you? What do you want your guests to experience when they come to your door? Let your intention, and your vision, guide your decisions.

Don’t Be Afraid of Bold Colors

Bold color doors

If you love color, the front door can be a great way to express that side of you. If you want to make a bold statement with a color that really pops, consider colors like red, lime green, orange, or yellow. Or, for a cheerful yet serene vibe, pastel colors are perfect. Dark colors are also striking, and they set a tone that can look elegant and stylish.

Do Go for Classic Colors

Classic color doors

If bright colors aren’t your thing, then consider a classic color that will pair well with almost any house. Look for neutral hues like browns, blacks, grays, whites, or blues. Wood stains are also lovely and create a stunning, natural feel that’s timeless.

Don’t Forget to Look at Your Surroundings

When choosing a color, take time to look around your neighborhood. What’s the natural landscape and how can your choice of color complement it? Do your neighbors have front door colors that you like? Or that you want to do something different from? You can get a lot of inspiration from your surroundings, ideas to help your home fit more naturally into its environment.

Do Consider Your Home’s Style

What is your home’s style? Knowing your home style can help you look for a color that works harmoniously with it—but that doesn’t mean you can’t change it up in a unique and surprising way!

Don’t Forget Your Door Trim

Door color trim

Along with selecting a color for your front door, the trim around it is just as important. You can go monochrome so your door and trim are the same color, or if you want your door to pop, choose a contrasting color. Or your trim can be the same color as your window trim. Whatever you decide, be intentional and think of the door and trim as one décor element that works well together.

Do Get the Right Paint

Make sure you purchase exterior paint that is appropriate for your front door’s material, one that is weather-resistant—and it’s always best to prime first. As for the finish, we recommend a semi-gloss, which is durable and more forgiving of flaws than gloss. Talk to a professional at your local hardware or paint store for advice.

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