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Baby Crib Sheets and More for Your Spring Arrival

Baby Crib Sheets and More for Your Spring Arrival

Are you expecting a little bundle of joy soon and need baby crib sheets? This is such an exciting time, as you count down from months to weeks to days. For many mothers-to-be, the “nesting” instinct is especially strong during the period just before the birth. There’s a deep desire to get your home ready for your new baby. This is especially compelling for first-time moms and dads who want to make everything absolutely perfect for their newborn.

So how can you prepare your new nursery? This is a room where you’ll be spending a lot of time, so it’s important that it feels cozy, calming, and organized. It’s also a space that can help to stimulate your baby’s imagination and be a place where they can move and grow.

For many parents, preparing the nursery is top of the to do list before baby’s arrival. Even though there’s so much else to do, it’s worth finding the time to get the room ready sooner rather than later. It’s so reassuring to know that once the baby is ready for his or her arrival, your nursery will be ready too! Plus, what could be more fun than designing and creating a nursery for your baby? It’s a project you can do together and is often a special memory in years to come. This is the one stage in your child’s life where you get to call all the shots, so take full advantage of it and create a nursery that reflects your personal style, whether that’s classic, colorful, or somewhere in between!

We’ve put together 4 key ways to prepare your nursery for your baby’s arrival, including how to choose the best baby crib sheets for your little one.

  1. Get the Right—and Safe—Furniture

Nurseries need extra furniture to help adults keep babies comfortable. Basic items include: a changing table, crib (and bassinet), laundry hamper and diaper pail, and a comfy rocking chair, glider, or armchair and ottoman. A closet or armoire will be needed to store and organize all those adorable baby clothes, and you’ll also need storage for toys, diapers, toiletries, and more. Think about lighting too – you’ll definitely want at least one lamp and ideally something with a dimmer.

Just like the bed is the hero in your room, let the crib be the hero in your baby’s nursery. The crib can be modern or more traditional, and in any color you like, but it’s important to triple-check that it meets all the latest safety standards. The same is true for any bedding or other additions to the crib.

Another thing to think about from a safety perspective is that some furniture items should be secured to the wall, especially bookshelves, dressers, or armoires, so that your child can’t accidentally pull them over on themselves as they learn to walk and climb. Also, try to invest in pieces that can grow with your child. Most dressers and armoires, if well made, can make it from babyhood to the teenage years with the help of a little repainting or refinishing, or changing the hardware. A good investment now will pay off in the long term.

  1. Decide on the Color Palette for Your Nursery and Crib Bedding Sets

Did you know that babies’ brains develop in part through their vision? High quality visual stimuli are important in their environment. Bold contrasts and patterns, and a variety of geometric shapes on the walls and near to the crib all provide fun things for your baby to focus on, both near and far. In fact, zebra stripes or huge graphic patterns would probably be the ideal nursery wallpaper – if you can stand it! Remember that, while you and I get plenty of stimuli in our daily lives, babies don’t have as much access to the outside world, so they need more variety in their immediate surroundings to stimulate their rapidly growing brains.

There is still a lot of scientific debate about how colors affect babies or how (and when) they even see color. There’s some evidence that, at first, they can only see black, white, and gray. Soft pastel shades may be a good choice as some studies say that a baby’s eyes can perceive these colors at around the same time. Ultimately, however, it’s really up to your personal taste. We may not know exactly how babies are affected by color, but we do know how colors affect adults. We also know that babies pick up on how the people around them feel, so if you choose colors that make you happy, that will ultimately have a positive effect on your baby too.

  1. Give Your Baby the Best Baby Crib Sheets

Babies spend a significant amount of their time sleeping. In fact, newborns sleep at least 14-17 hours a day – even if it doesn’t feel like it to a new mom! This slumber is paramount to their wellbeing and growth. So it’s super important to invest in ultra-soft, quality baby crib sheets. These will provide the right conditions for the sweetest slumber. And it’s not just about how quality bedding feels and lasts. A baby’s skin is delicate and highly sensitive, so it’s vital to be mindful of the products that come into contact with their skin.

We’re thrilled to tell you about our Baby Collection, designed with the same exceptional softness, design skill, and attention to detail that you’ve come to expect from our bedding products. Our Baby Collection is Oeko-Tex certified, which means that it’s free from the kind of harmful chemicals that can irritate your baby’s skin. You can rest assured that our bedding is simply the best choice to protect your little one’s skin health and nurture their sleep.

We have beautiful options for baby boy or girl crib sheets, like our Relaxed Cotton Sateen Crib Sheet. Exceptionally soft, this 100% cotton sheet is garment-washed in small batches in Portugal, giving it a comfy, lived-in look and feel that you and your baby will love. There’s also our Lux Crib Sheet. Finely woven with a petal-like softness, this crib sheet will be a pleasure next to your baby’s skin, and is the perfect way to help usher your baby into a blissful sleep.

  1. Finish Off with a Quality Baby Blanket

Giving your baby the means to sleep and dream well isn’t just about crib sheets, it’s also about giving them a quality baby blanket, which you’ll also find in our Baby Collection. A favorite is the Diamond Baby Blanket – soft and lightweight, it’s created for comfort. Its stylish diamond-stitched pattern also has a modern look and feel that will enhance any nursery. Another wonderful option is the Del Mar Baby Blanket, part of our Relaxed Cotton Collection. Made from 100% premium long-staple cotton and handcrafted in Portugal with a waffle-weave pattern, it will give your baby the warm, comforting sensation of being cradled in a gentle cloud of softness. (Who knows, it might even give a tired mama a few precious extra minutes of sleep in between feeds!). Just be sure to follow all guidelines about when and where to introduce a blanket to your little bundle. 

With a little thought and planning – and the right furnishings and linens – you’ll soon have the perfect space to welcome your family’s new addition!

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