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Behind the Design: Relaxed Cotton Collection

Behind the Design: Relaxed Cotton Collection

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Relaxed Cotton Collection! We sat down with our founder and CEO, Jennifer Adams, for a chat about the making and inspiration behind this new collection.

Why did you introduce cotton sateen to your bedding collection?
I am so proud of our classic, best-selling sheet collections—Lux and Eternal—but I know that some prefer to sleep on cotton products, so I’ve searched the world over to find a cotton that lives up to our brand promise; Redefined Softness, easy care, incredible quality with effortless style. I finally found a weaving and finishing process that creates an ultra-soft, 100% cotton bedding collection that lives up to that promise… and then some!

It’s my belief that everyone deserves the best sleep possible, and that begins with creating the right sleep environment. From years of research and discovering the essential ingredients that go into a perfect night’s rest, I’ve learned that what you sleep on matters and that begins with quality bedding.


Why did you choose to manufacture in Portugal?
After years and years of searching, we discovered a family-owned, leading textile manufacturer in Portugal. They are OEKO-TEX Standard Certified and provide the softest 100% long-staple cotton available while meeting the highest standards of quality that we promise our customers.

What is the design process?
For me the design process begins with inspiration—the desire to design and produce a product I love and lives up to our company’s mission. That inspiration becomes research, development, and many face to face production meetings with the weavers and sewing artisans in the European factories. It’s a collaborative and creative process that I absolutely love.

What inspired the color palette?
The color palette makes me think of the coast, sand and dunes. Soft, muted tones that evoke an effortless and chic style.

What is 100% long-staple cotton?
A cotton "staple" refers to the length of the fiber. The longer the "staple," the higher the quality. Linens and fabrics made from long-staple cotton keep their luxurious feel longer and tend to pill less, fade less and wrinkle less.

What makes our Garment Washed Cotton different than competitors?
Simply put, it’s the way our sheets are uniquely handcrafted. The difference is that our cotton fabric is woven, cut and sewn, and then dyed in individual pieces. This process requires more attention to detail and makes each piece truly original.

How would you describe the Relaxed Cotton Collection in a few words or a single phrase?
Irresistibly soft. Relaxed with a lived-in look and feel that elevates your sleep experience.

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