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Cool Off Your Bed & Update Your Bedroom for Summer

Cool Off Your Bed & Update Your Bedroom for Summer

Now that we’re really into the full swing of summer, things just continue to heat up! And because this is true, now’s the perfect time to cool off both the look and feel of your bedroom. When nights were still chilly, you probably appreciated all the cozy warmth of your winter bed. But we also know from scientific study that too much heat at night can disrupt the length and quality of your sleep. Adjusting your level of comfort by experimenting with layers and fabrics can help you customize to meet your personal needs. You can also change the look of your bedroom with some simple décor tweaks. Once you put it at all together, you can create your own personal summer bedroom oasis to improve both your mood and your level of relaxation!

Create a Summer-Ready Bed

With warm nights firmly in place, your bed deserves a summer makeover! This means it’s time to change out your bedding, including a reduction in the number and/or thickness of layers you’re currently using. Start by swapping out that heavier blanket or quilt for something more lightweight. Try our Relaxed Linen Duvet Cover; it offers breathable, year-round comfort which helps keep you both warmer in the winter AND cooler in the summer. We offer attractive matching linen pillow shams, too!

Lightweight bedsheets are also a must, especially sheets made from fabrics that feel cooler to the skin. We recommend our Relaxed Cotton Percale which is lightweight, cool, and crisp; it’s also OEKO-TEX certified. It’s handcrafted in Portugal from 100% long staple cotton, then garment-washed for a lived-in style and more relaxed finish.

And you can honestly never go wrong with our premium Lux Collection. Our signature performance fiber is long-lasting, easy to care for, and effortless in style. Plus, it’s truly one of the softest fabrics you’ll ever touch! With over a million sold, our Lux sheets are something you really should experience for yourself!

Choosing the Right Colors

Besides going with lighter layers and fabrics, color choice is also important for transitioning your bed to a more summery look. Cooler colors that evoke lightness and relaxation will help to define the bedroom oasis you desire. Whites, creams, soft grays, and blues are all lovely options. Look for colors or patterns that bring to mind the sand, sea, and palm trees of an island getaway. If you’re looking for something on the bolder side, consider turquoise, coral, or floral patterns. These cheerful colors and designs will not only brighten your bedroom; they’ll also help brighten your mood.

Serenity and Simplicity

Another wonderful way to update your bedroom for summer is to find ways to simplify your bedroom décor. Start by tackling any excess clutter or streamlining how the space is organized. Try reducing the number of accessories, and just display a few low-key accents that will give your bedroom a more serene vibe. When your bedroom feels crowded with too much stuff, it can create an atmosphere that feels stuffy and stagnant – these certainly aren’t attributes you want to experience on a hot summer’s day! Store away any cool-season items for another season, and look for other ways you can remove clutter. Tidying up your bedroom will make a huge difference in the atmosphere of the space, and can also contribute to your overall quality of relaxation.

This summer, take time to update both your bed and your bedroom in order to maximize your enjoyment of the space. Give yourself the gift of relaxation, tranquility, and a happy slumber, all while keeping your cool!

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