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Cotton vs. Microfiber: Which is best for you?

Cotton vs. Microfiber: Which is best for you?

Your bed is your sanctuary. A place of rest and rejuvenation, it provides you with the sleep you need each night to stay healthy and happy. Quality bedding – particularly your sheets, since they rest directly on the skin – will make your sleeping space more inviting and comfortable and ultimately help to improve the quality of your sleep. But which is the best fabric to buy: cotton or microfiber?

In fact, there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between our cotton or microfiber bedding. Cotton sheets are made from organic natural cotton, whereas microfiber bedding is made from high-quality synthetic fibers. One isn’t better than the other – it’s all about personal preference. So to help you decide between them, let’s take a close look at the differences.

Cotton Bedding

Our 100% cotton bedding products are a great choice if you prefer natural fabrics without sacrificing incredible softness and quality. The cotton fabric that we use in these products is handcrafted in the beautiful Portugal countryside by artisans from a family-owned textile manufacturer. It is thoroughly tested and certified OEKO-TEX, which means it is free of any substances and chemicals which are known to be harmful to your health.

Microfiber Bedding

Our luxury triple brushed microfiber is a wonderful option if you want bedding that is high-performing and breathable with a petal-like softness. Wrinkle-resistant and durable, microfiber sheets are made to be super easy to care for and long-lasting. They’re also ideal if you suffer from allergies, since microfiber is known to help lessen allergens and dust mites. Our 100% extra-finely woven microfiber is tested and certified OEKO-TEX.

Cotton vs. Microfiber Bed Sheets

As mentioned above, choosing the right kind of bed sheets to snuggle up in is extra important. You’ll want to be sure that your sheets have the right amount of weight and breathability, and a texture and softness that feels comfy on your skin.

We have several excellent choices of luxury sheet sets made from both cotton and microfiber, including:

  • 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen: Our highest thread count sheet sets are beyond buttery soft and get more cozy with each and every wash. These sheets are carefully crafted to create a clean and crisp, perfectly-made bed, every single time. Their luminous finish and beautiful drape will give your bed that 5-star hotel look without all the work.
  • Relaxed Cotton Percale: A cotton percale weave is made to maximize airflow, giving it a cooling effect on the body. Made to embody the crisp, refreshing comfort of a spring breeze, our Relaxed Cotton Percale sheet sets offer airy softness and comfort year-round. We think you'll really appreciate their textured and relaxed look too.
  • Relaxed Cotton Sateen: Our Relaxed Cotton Sateen sheet sets are made from the finest European quality, 100% long-staple cotton to maximize softness and comfort. Garment washed in small batches to create an irresistible soft touch and lived-in look.
  • Lux Collection: Our best-selling Lux sheet sets are made from premium, triple-brushed, enzyme-washed microfiber. These sheets feel even better than they look, are uniquely soft, offer easy care and durability, and have effortless style.

Cotton vs. Microfiber Comforters

When it comes to comforters, as well as blankets and coverlets, the choice between cotton or microfiber also comes down to personal preference. It’s all about what feels good to you!

The biggest pro of choosing a microfiber comforter is its high durability. The fabric is less likely to fade, thin, or shrink after many washes. Plus, it tends to be less expensive, providing great value if you’re on a budget. However, microfiber can sometimes be too warm for those who are hot sleepers, so if this is you, be sure to look for microfiber comforters that are lightweight.

If you’re in need of a new top-of-bed blanket or comforter, take a look at our selection of lightweight and exceptionally soft Lux collection blankets/coverlets: our gorgeous 3-piece quilted Amelia set, our Matisse, and our Diamond.

Our luxury cotton blankets/coverlets include the beautiful Del Mar, Torrey, and Laguna.

Cotton vs. Microfiber Pillows

There’s no doubt that what you rest your head on is critical to a quality sleep experience, making pillows just as important when deciding between cotton and microfiber for your bedding.

A cotton-covered pillow, like our Revive Memory Fiber Pillow, is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of breathability, cool airflow, and natural moisture-wicking ability. Our pillow is made with a 100%-cotton, 300-thread count cover, and it has a unique spring-shaped spiral memory fiber fill that provides foam-like comfort with medium support.

Our microfiber pillow selection includes two down alternative pillow choices: Renew Hybrid and Revitalize Thermo Regulating:

  • Our Renew pillow offers a dual sleep experience for those who like options. One side of the Renew pillow has a cloud cell chambered construction that keeps the soft fill from shifting, ensuring consistent comfort throughout the night. The other side offers a more traditional sleep experience with an ultra-soft and smooth cover.
  • Our Revitalize pillow is our most luxurious down alternative pillow. Not only is it finished and treated with antimicrobial silver chloride to prevent bacteria and mildew, but the layers of Tencel and heat-responsive, paraffin-filled fibers also change from liquid to solid to aid the body’s natural process of thermoregulation.

Cotton vs. Microfiber Towels

When it comes to towels, we believe there’s really nothing that compares to 100% cotton, which is why we’ve chosen cotton throughout our premium towel range. Having natural, premium-made cotton towels means you’ll enjoy superior softness, absorption, and quality that will last for many years to come.

Explore our cotton luxury towel collections: Lago and Kensey. They’re available in bath sheets, bath towels, hand towels, and washcloth sizes in a variety of styles and colors.

Still not sure? Let’s summarise the pros of each fabric:

  • Cotton offers better heat resistance than other fabrics, and has plenty of air circulation to keep the sleeper cool and comfortable.
  • Cotton is often softer than other fabrics and will become even softer with use.
  • Stains and dirt can be easier to remove from cotton bedding, using less detergent.
  • Cotton is less likely to pill than man-made fabrics over time.
  • Microfiber is highly durable, and is much less likely to fade or lose its shape than other fabrics, even over several years and many washes.
  • Microfiber is also more wrinkle-resistant.
  • Microfiber feels smooth and silky because of its tiny, thin fibers, giving it a really luxurious feeling against the skin.
  • Microfiber tends to be less expensive and longer-lasting, offering the best value for your money.

Whichever fabric you choose, you can rest assured that all our cotton and microfiber products are made with the same love and care and softness that you’ve come to depend on!

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