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Decorating Your Bedroom as a Couple, For the First Time!

Decorating Your Bedroom as a Couple, For the First Time!

They say that compromise is the key to a harmonious relationship and that’s certainly true when it comes to decorating your bedroom as a couple. Both of you will have to adjust your expectations and living style to accommodate your significant other. After all, no matter how much you love bae, their video game collection probably isn’t the centerpiece you had in mind. In the same way, they may not be thrilled with the frilly, floral pillow set you planned to throw on the bed!

The bottom line is that, as a couple, your bedroom is a shared space – one where both of you should feel relaxed and comfortable. Decorating your first bedroom together can be a shortcut to conflict, but if you see it as a team effort, it can also be a lot of fun. To help you create a space you both love (and help you avoid the awkward pillow talk), we’ve put together some top tips.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. If your home is your castle (as the saying goes), then your bedroom is your innermost sanctuary. We spend more time in our bedrooms than any other place in our homes, so it’s super important that it should be a place of comfort and relaxation. A well-thought-out bedroom will help you and your partner to get better quality sleep, and you’ll feel much healthier and happier because of it. When decorating your bedroom as a couple, be sure to keep this shared goal in mind.

Keep it simple. When you’re combining two styles, sometimes simple is the best way to go to avoid clashing elements. But by simple, we don’t mean boring! Simple furnishings, clean patterns, and classic colors can all be spiced up with a little something extra, like an oversized throw blanket on the bed.

Choose gender-neutral colors. Neutral color schemes are your best bet when decorating a couple’s bedroom. This is definitely a happy compromise, since neutrals are some of the greatest options we have when choosing colors. There are so many gorgeous neutral hues that won’t fall out of trend and that you both will enjoy. Not only will neutral shades fit a variety of design styles, they’re also calming and they create a great base to build from as you acquire pieces together. Start with bases like white, navy, gray and beige. Then add a pop of a brighter color like red or orange that invites exciting variations in texture and theme, such as in artwork or rugs.

Minimize the furniture. When couples move in together, they’ll often find that there’s more furniture than they need. The bedroom can become a place to store some of that clutter. So move out any desks, exercise machines, hobby centers, or anything else unrelated to sleeping, relaxing, or being intimate. In other words, get rid of pieces that aren’t useful for sitting or sleeping, or that will provide storage for clothing. The bed should always be the focus of the room and a comfortable seating area is a nice luxury if you have the space available. Each side of the bed should also have a nightstand and lamp.

Welcome a mix of masculine and feminine attributes. There’s nothing wrong with mixing styles in a way that’s complementary, especially if one of you has a style that’s more masculine while the other’s has more feminine attributes. It’s all about thoughtful curation. For example, if you choose a dark color like a café noir or a forest green as a masculine base, you can soften it with a touch of silk fabric. Or choose design accents where the neutral white base is accented with a masculine pattern but softened by embroidery, for example.

Accessorize with pairs of things. Decorating for two is all about balance and you can reflect that by choosing décor pairs. For example, items such as candlesticks will create a romantic feel, while sconces on either side of the bed will help to balance the lighting. Choose artwork that’s peaceful or reminds you of places you’ve visited with your spouse or partner, and place the family photos somewhere else in your house so that everyone can enjoy them!

Integrate rustic touches or tribal patterns. Some of the biggest trends in home décor right now include rustic accents and tribal patterns interwoven throughout your living space. (Check out our handcrafted decor for inspiration!) These will add interest without being overpowering.

Once you’ve used the tips above to create a sanctuary-for-two, you can continue to work together to make your space even better. Here are some easy and affordable ways to make it happen…

Declutter! Clutter is stressful. Clear it away from the tops of your dressers, walls and floor. Store the laundry where it belongs – out of sight! Make room in your closet by cleaning it out and getting a closet organizing system if you need more space. It’s important to make sure that you each have the right amount of storage, otherwise clutter will build up (along with frustration!)

Make your bed every single day. Soft, smooth and comfortable sheets are luxurious and will help you to feel more relaxed and sleep better. A messy bed adds clutter, while wrinkled, uneven sheets can fall off one side or create hot or cold spots. Making your bed together every morning takes less than a minute and will ensure that your bedroom is a welcoming space for both of you at the end of the day.

Turn off the TV. Research has shown that looking at electronic screens, including e-readers, cell phones, video games or computers up to 30 minutes before bedtime can make it more difficult to fall asleep. Armoires or cabinets do double duty not only to hide the TV but as an extra place to store bedding or clothing.

Buy a better mattress. If your mattress is more than 5-7 years old, it may need to be replaced. If it’s older than 10 years, it definitely needs to be replaced! Pillows should be replaced every 2-5 years. You can also use pillow and mattress protectors to reduce dust and allergens from building up.

Control the light. Versatile window treatments such as blinds or sheers will help you to control the amount of light in your room and keep it at a level you’re both comfortable with. Use dimmers on all your lights, and turn them down at bedtime as a relaxing part of your evening ritual.

With a little bit of effort and compromise, it is possible to make the experience of decorating as a couple enjoyable, rather than challenging. You may even find that your room turns out even better than you first imagined. Be sure to send us your own ideas and show us pictures of the bedroom you've designed together!

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