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How to Accessorize Your Home for Summer

How to Accessorize Your Home for Summer

The vibrant days of summer are finally here, and it's the perfect time to bring a fresh and breezy ambience to your home! The summer solstice will occur on June 21st, marking the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy all that your home has to offer by relaxing in the comfort of your personal sanctuary – indoor and outdoor – and soaking up the sunshine vibes. Creating that summertime feeling doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming, especially with these tips and tricks. They will help you accessorize your home and give it an effortless look you will love.

Bring in Natural Elements

Lighten Up Your Home

Incorporate lightweight and sheer fabrics into your home decor to create an airy and ethereal atmosphere. Longer days mean more time to enjoy the natural light, so throw open the windows and pull back the curtains. Let in the fresh air and feel the warmth by swapping heavy curtains for ones that are light and airy and allow natural light to filter through. Whites, creams, or pale hues of blue, green, or yellow will cheer up any space. Or you could try sheer gossamer drapes that flow with the warm breeze. The idea is to invite as much light into the room as possible, whether it’s your living room, bedroom, or kitchen.

Kitchen with summer accessories

Bring in Natural Elements

Nothing says summer quite like the beauty of nature! Incorporate natural elements into your home decor to instantly infuse it with a seasonal feel. Place a vase of fresh flowers on a coffee table or countertop to add a pop of color and a fragrant touch. Arrange seashells or driftwood collected from the beach in a decorative bowl to evoke coastal vibes. Introduce potted plants or a small herb garden to bring the outdoors inside and create a refreshing and vibrant atmosphere. There are so many easy ways to bring Mother Nature into your home!

A bowl of citrus on a countertop to add a pop of color and a fragrant touch

Choose Cheerful Décor

Pare down heavy accessories from your rooms and think of ‘brightening’ the space so it feels cheerful versus gloomy. Get playful with brighter colors, whether it be a set of floral print throw pillows for your sofa, cheerful artwork on the walls, or a brightly patterned tablecloth draped over your dining table. Mix floral, tropical, or nautical-theme accents for your tabletop décor: tablecloths, everyday plates and bowls, and glassware. It’s all about color and décor that makes a space bright and playful! Think sunflower yellow, coral, lime green, or turquoise to create that lovely summertime magic.

Choose Cheerful Décor

For the kitchen, bring out your fun, festive dishware which will add a delightful ambience to each meal. A large bowl with fresh citrus on your kitchen countertop, pots of indoor greenery, or an assortment of succulents will bring a beautiful organic appeal to the room. (Learn more by checking out our blog post on “How to use plants as accessories.”)

Create a Bedroom Oasis

Create a Bedroom Oasis

Switch out your heavier blankets, bed sheets, and duvet covers for light and breezy sheets or a lightweight coverlet. It looks and feels light and makes for a comfy slumber when the weather heats up. By embracing these lighter fabrics, you'll create a sense of openness and relaxation that is reminiscent of the summer season. Cottons and linens are wonderful fabric choices; beach-inspired patterns and color palettes are perfect for summer bedroom decorating.

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Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Retreat

Turn Your Backyard into a Summer Retreat

Whether you have a back porch or a yard, transform it into your very own retreat for relaxing and soaking in the sun or for entertaining. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and create outdoor living spaces that seamlessly connect with your indoor decor. Set up a cozy seating area on your patio or balcony with comfortable furniture and outdoor cushions. Add an indoor/outdoor rug to make the space comfy; add an outdoor umbrella, chairs, benches, and an outdoor dining table to eat alfresco.

Cozy outdoor dining on a patio

Hang string lights or lanterns from trees to create a magical ambiance during warm summer evenings, or add a fire feature for sitting around and stargazing. How about hanging a hammock or bringing out a lounge chair for an afternoon siesta? Nothing beats a blissful snooze outdoors in the warm air and shade.

Scented candle, adding a refreshing aroma to a room

Infuse Scent and Texture

Don't forget about the power of scent and texture when accessorizing your home for summer. Choose scented candles or room sprays that evoke refreshing and uplifting scents such as citrus, floral, or coconut. Add texture through hand woven baskets, rattan furniture, or natural fiber rugs. These elements will not only enhance the visual appeal of your space but also create a multi-sensory experience that embodies the essence of summer.

Add texture through hand woven baskets

By following these simple tips, you can effortlessly create a space that exudes the carefree spirit of the season and radiates a delightful summer vibe that will make you feel right at ease. Take the time to relax and enjoy this summer by letting your home be your very own peaceful getaway!

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