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How to Achieve More Wellness at Home

How to Achieve More Wellness at Home

Did you know that, on average, we spend a whopping 90% of our time indoors, with the majority of that time being within the cozy confines of our own homes? That's especially true now that many people are working remotely. With so much of our lives being lived within these four walls, it's essential to focus on maintaining our well-being and creating a positive and nurturing environment right at home.

Relaxing with a cup of herbal tea at home

Are you looking for ways to practice self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance? Let's start by understanding your wellness needs – both for your body and your mind. What activities help you to relax? What brings you joy? What ignites your creativity? What makes you laugh? Think about all the things that uplift and nurture you. At the same time, think about those wellness activities you've been meaning to explore but haven't yet. Make a list of these ideas, and then prioritize those that are both essential and easily attainable.

Mindfulness meditation in a tranquil setting

It’s time to take the first step! To help you kickstart your wellness at home, here are 3 ideas.

Dance party at home for mood-boosting exercise

For Your Body: Get Moving

Maintaining physical wellness is a key component of overall well-being. When we're cooped up indoors, it's easy to become sedentary. However, there are plenty of ways to get moving without leaving the comfort of your home. Here are some fun and easy ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily routine.

  • Did you know that you can get incredible benefits from short bursts of exercise? Known as HIIT (high-intensity interval training), the idea is to do intermittent sprints of exercise, alternating short periods of intense exercise with rest periods. There are a lot of HIIT exercises that can be done right in your home. Check out Group HIIT on YouTube for routines.
  • Try an exercise ‘snack’. Similar to HIIT, but the goal here is to add a quick spurt of movement throughout your day. For example, if you’re on the phone, get up and walk while you talk. If you have stairs at home, use them as a mini workout by going up and down a few times a day. When you move more often, you’re practicing a form of self-care and preventing your body from suffering the aches and pains that come with sitting too much.
  • Stretch or practice yoga to improve flexibility and balance or engage in meditation to reduce stress and enhance mindfulness. There are numerous guided sessions available online to suit your skill level.
  • Put on your favorite music and have a dance party in your living room. Dancing not only gets your heart rate up but also boosts your mood.

Woman meditating with a serene expression

For Your Mind: Try Relaxing

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, especially when you're spending a lot of time at home. Here are some ways to relax and nourish your mental well-being.

Person enjoying a good book

  • Meditation is an amazing way to reduce stress and anxiety, and it’s totally free! Plus, you can practice anywhere and at any time, and it’s all-natural. It’s proven to not only help you relax but also improve sleep, improve the immune system, lower blood pressure, decrease muscle tension, and aid in problem solving and creativity. Ending your day with meditation is a tranquil and meaningful way to take a moment to slow down and let go. During your meditation, you could add some gentle self-reflection, acknowledging and giving gratitude for your day. (Try meditations from Mind Body Green or download a meditation app like Calm.)
  • Escape into the pages of a good book. Reading is not only entertaining but also a great way to stimulate your mind.
  • Discover or rediscover creative hobbies like painting, drawing, knitting, or writing. These activities can be incredibly therapeutic and fulfilling.
  • Limit screen time. While technology is useful, excessive screen time can lead to feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Set boundaries for yourself and engage in non-screen activities.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises to relax and calm your mind. It's amazing how a few deep breaths can reset your mood.

Houseplants on a shelf

For Your Home: Create an Oasis

Our wellbeing is powerfully connected to the way our homes look and feel. Creating a home that brings a sense of relaxation, calm, and joy can have a powerful positive impact on our health and happiness. Our homes support our dreams and goals, so it’s important to create the kind of space that you love being in, one that speaks to you and sparks joy. Make your home a sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and dreams!

Relaxation techniques at home

Here are some tips to transform your living space into a haven of relaxation and positivity:

  • Get rid of the clutter! A clutter-free space can help create a clutter-free mind. Keeping your home clutter-free is a sure way to keep things tidy and open up your space for good things to come. It also helps you stay organized and avoid the stress that comes with missed appointments and lost paperwork, for example.
  • Let the light in! Open up curtains or blinds and windows during the day to bring in natural light and fresh air, which can boost your mood. This is one of the quickest ways to freshen the air indoors and clear your mind at the same time.
  • Bring nature indoors. Studies show that plants (and other forms of natural beauty) can enhance your mental and emotional health and help to reduce the negative effects of stress. Decorating with house plants, flowers, and even rocks, shells, and other organic found objects will help to harness the power of nature in making your home a place of calm.

Cozy bedroom with soft bedding

  • Make your bedroom a center of calm. Invest in cozy and comfortable furniture and bedding. Make sure your bed is as soft and comfy as possible, from your mattress to your pillows to your sheets and comforter. Choose a mattress and pillows that will help to support restful sleep and linens that ensure you enjoy getting into bed at the end of the day. And don’t forget to make your bed!
  • Make space for wellbeing. If you can, create a special area for yourself in your home, whether it’s a sacred space for meditation or a creative corner for you to tap into your inner artist. It doesn’t have to be indoors – it could also be an area of your garden or backyard. It’s a wonderful way to de-stress and boost your happiness level.
  • Add a personal touch. Decorate your home with personal mementos and artwork that bring you joy and inspiration.
  • Designate certain areas of your home as tech-free zones to disconnect and unwind.

A calming interior with minimalistic design

Living a healthy and happy life is like completing a puzzle made up of hundreds of different pieces. However, if you make changes and improvements one at a time, you'll soon start to see the bigger picture emerge. Remember, wellness is a journey, not a destination. By embracing these simple practices and weaving them into your daily life, you have the power to create a harmonious and nourishing environment for both your body and mind, right within the comfort of your home.

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