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How to Get Your Guest Room Summer-Ready

How to Get Your Guest Room Summer Ready

Summer is here and it's the perfect season for spending time with family and friends, soaking up the sun, and welcoming out-of-town guests into your home. Whether it's a long-awaited reunion or a spontaneous visit, you'll want to make sure your guest room is ready to provide them with a comfortable and inviting place to stay. With a few simple changes and additions, you can transform your guest room into a summer-ready oasis that captures the essence of the season and creates a memorable stay for your visitors.

a beautifully made bed with fresh linens, plump pillows, and a light coverlet

crisp summer linens for a guest bedroom

Start With the Basics

Before diving into the seasonal details, let's start with the basics that every comfortable guest room should have. This includes fresh linens, plump pillows, blankets, and towels. Make sure everything is clean, soft, and in good condition. You should also ensure you provide plenty of storage space for your guests' belongings. A bedside table with a reading lamp, an alarm clock, and a power outlet within reach are thoughtful additions. Additionally, a mirror, hangers, and a wastebasket are practical essentials that should not be overlooked. Make sure the room is well-lit – if your guest room does not have a window, invest in some good quality lighting to brighten up the space.

guest room with a bedside table with a reading lamp and a pot plant

a woman making the bed in her guest bedroom

Choose Seasonal Bed Linens

One of the easiest ways to make your guest room feel summer-ready is by changing out your bed linens to something more appropriate for the summer weather. Swap out heavy comforters and flannel sheets for lightweight and breathable linen or cotton sheets and a light coverlet that will help keep your guests cool and comfortable during warmer nights. Choose colors that are cheerful and bright, such as yellows, greens, and blues, or crisp and classic white. Playful patterns, such as floral or nautical designs, can also add a whimsical touch that captures the essence of the season.

colorful summer-themed pillowcases

a bedside table with a vase of colorful fresh flowers

Add Pops of Color

Another way to make the room feel summery is by adding pops of color to a neutral base through accessories like decorative pillows, throws, or a statement rug. Adding some fresh flowers or potted plants can also make the room feel more vibrant and inviting.

a spacious and well-lit guest room

Breathing Room

As the mercury rises, it's crucial to ensure your guest room remains cool and well-ventilated. If you have air conditioning, ensure it's in good working order before your guests arrive. If you don't, consider providing a fan or two. You can also add some blackout curtains to help keep the room cool and dark for guests who prefer to sleep in.

summer-themed books and magazines

Thoughtful Summer Touches

Adding a few thoughtful summer touches is a great way to make your guests feel welcome. Consider providing summer-themed books or magazines for a little extra entertainment, beach towels for them to use if you live by the coast, or even some toiletries in summer scents such as coconut or citrus. And don't forget to always provide a carafe of water on the bedside table to keep guests hydrated throughout the night!

a carafe of water and a glass for guests to stay hydrated

Welcoming loved ones into your home during the summer season is an opportunity to create lasting memories and make them feel cherished. By incorporating these changes into your guest room, you can create a space where your guests will feel right at home!

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