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How to Make Your Bedroom Ready for Warm Summer Nights

How to Make Your Bedroom Ready for Warm Summer Nights

Summer is one of our favorite, most eagerly-anticipated times of year, with its long sunny days and carefree vibes. However, hot days mean warmer nights that can disrupt your sleeping cycle. Here are 5 tips to make sure your bedroom is cool and comfortable, so you can get a great night’s sleep all summer long!

A light-filled bedroom

The summer sun will make your bedroom bright

Adjust for More Light

There’s a reason for the expression: ‘bright and early’! The early-rising summer sun will creep in and make your bedroom bright, making it difficult to fall back to sleep. Keep your bedroom cool by preventing the sun's rays from heating up your space. The best way is with light-blocking shades that keep your room cooler as well as darker. You can add light-blocking panels to your existing draperies or swap them out for thermal blocking panels. You could also use reflective window film to reduce heat gain. Another quick and inexpensive way to block the light is with a sleep mask. These are great for when you are at home (as well as a game changer for when you’re traveling!)

Swap out heavy winter bedding for lightweight, breathable fabrics

Close-up of cotton sheets, promoting airflow and comfort

Embrace Breathable Fabrics

Swap out heavy winter bedding for lightweight, breathable fabrics that promote airflow. Opt for cotton or bamboo sheets, as they are highly breathable and wick away moisture, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout the night. Breathable fabrics are key to creating a comfortable sleep environment during hot summer nights.

Layered bedding with a lightweight sheet and folded blanket.

Sleeping under the top sheet

Dress Your Bed in Layers

To adjust your sleep temperature to your comfort level, try dressing your bed in layers. Instead of using a single thick blanket, try layering a lightweight sheet or a breathable blanket that can easily be adjusted or removed as needed. Or swap out your heavier duvet insert for a more lightweight fill. You can also try folding your duvet down to the foot of the bed and just sleeping under the top sheet. For more flexibility, remove your duvet entirely and have a coverlet or blanket at the foot of the bed that can be pulled up on those cooler, breezy nights. Layering allows you to customize your sleep environment, keeping you comfortable and ensuring a restful night's sleep, despite the summer heat.

When you and your partner have different ideal sleep temperatures

Get Cool

The heat and humidity in the summer can be one of the biggest disrupters to your sleep.  Even worse is when you and your partner have different ideal sleep temperatures. Body heat is released through your feet, hands, and head, so if you are comfortable, sleep with them uncovered. If you’re really hot, try using a cooling gel pad on your lower back or under your wrists on those really warm nights, or invest in a cooling mattress cover or pillowcase that absorbs heat and provides a refreshing sensation.

Image of a person relaxing in comfortable bed

Create a Cooling Cross-Breeze

Maximize natural airflow by strategically placing fans throughout your bedroom. Position a fan near an open window to draw in cooler evening air and create a refreshing cross-breeze. Alternatively, you can invest in a ceiling fan to keep the air circulating and create a gentle breeze. By harnessing the power of air movement, you can create a cooler and more comfortable sleep environment during the summer months.

A serene summer bedroom

Don’t let a lack of sleep keep you from fully enjoying your summer! By implementing these tips, you can transform your bedroom into a cool and tranquil haven, ensuring you will be sleeping great all summer long!

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