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The Truth About Thread Count

What is thread count?

Let’s talk thread counts! If asked whether higher thread count equals higher quality bed sheets, most people would say yes. And that’s no surprise, since consumers have been led to believe in this myth for some time while being kept in the dark about the basics of thread count and what it means. The real truth is that high thread counts don’t actually guarantee better sheets, according to Consumer Reports. So it’s important to understand this term, and know how to tell if you’re getting the most of your bedding purchase.

What is thread count?

First things first! Let’s define what thread count really means.

What is Thread Count?

Thread count is, quite simply, the measure of the number of vertical and horizontal threads that are woven in one square inch of fabric. In theory, higher thread count fabrics are more tightly woven and have a softer, more luxurious feel than those with a lower thread count, so the misconception has been that the higher the count, the softer the sheet—with some brands touting up to a 1000 thread count.

thread count meaning

However, higher thread count doesn't necessarily translate to better quality. Thread count alone cannot guarantee a quality product. For instance, a sheet set with a higher thread count can be made of poor quality, low grade fibers that may be uncomfortable and not last long. As Consumer Reports stated: “To get that higher number, manufacturers use thinner strands of fabric twisted together as if they were one. Then they double, triple, or even quadruple the thread count to make the number more attractive to the consumer.”

So, to put it simply, thread count is really about fabric density: the higher the thread count, the denser or heavier the fabric, which does not equate to more comfort—or higher quality. Instead, it may cause the opposite effect, creating sheets that are stiff, heavy, and rough. When shopping for bedding, it’s important to consider the quality of the fabric itself.

The thread count myth

The Thread Count Myth

What has happened in the bedding industry is that manufacturers and their marketing departments have thought up a clever and deceptive gimmick in order to top their competitors by inflating their thread count, as well as giving themselves an excuse to charge consumers higher prices.

The best thread count for sheets range but is typically between 300 and 600. However, higher thread count sheets can still be luxurious and comfortable. The key is to look for long-staple fibers like Egyptian cotton or Supima cotton, as these are much more durable and luxurious. Additionally, consider the ply of the thread count. Single-ply fabrics are thinner and softer than two-ply or three-ply fabrics. The only time thread count should be relevant is when dealing with single-ply fabrics, and even then, it should not be your only deciding factor.

Jennifer Adams Home sheet sets

What Should I Look for Besides Thread Count?

Now that we’ve busted the high thread count myth, you might be wondering what you should be looking for in quality sheets. When shopping for bedding, it’s important to consider the following factors:

Fiber Content. The quality of the fabric—the type of fibers being used— is much more important than the thread count. For example, a 400 thread count sheet made of high quality fibers will feel softer than higher thread count sheets made with lower quality fibers. It will also last longer.

how to choose quality sheets

Manufacturing Process. Another element that impacts your sheets is the manufacturing process. Are the sheets treated by chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive skin and to the environment? It’s important here to shop from brands you trust—brands who are transparent about what their sheets are made of and how they are made.

sheet sets thread count

At Jennifer Adams, we take all of our luxury sheets seriously and make every effort to offer you premium bedding that is made with meticulous care, integrity, and honesty. You know exactly what you’ll get from us: quality sheets that redefine softness and comfort for a luxurious sleep experience. Plus, all our sheets are Oeko-Tex Certified to be free of harmful chemicals.

quality sheet set features breathability

Breathability. No matter the thread count of your sheets, if they’re made from a fabric that isn’t breathable enough, it will impact your sleeping comfort, especially if you run hot or live in a warmer climate like I do. Each fabric type has its own features and benefits. For example, premium natural fibers like cotton and linen tend to be more durable and breathable. It’s worth doing some research into the different fabric types so you can find the one that’s right for you.

If you’re looking for optimum thread count, you may be interested in the following Jennifer Adams Home products:

Jennifer Adams Home 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets

Jennifer Adams Home 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets

400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets

Our exceptional 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen is a wonderful option. With an extra-fine weave that’s buttery smooth and soft, these 100% long-staple cotton sheets are handcrafted in Portugal with meticulous care.

Cotton sateen is all about luxury in feel and appearance, and with its soft luster finish, it only gets softer and cozier after every wash.

Jennifer Adams 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

The pinnacle of softness, quality, and durability, Egyptian Cotton is known as the gold standard in ultra-soft sheets in luxury hotels and resorts around the world. Our 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton is our most premium cotton product, with a softness, luster, and strength that’s second to none. Our extra long staple fabric is long lasting, breathable, temperature regulating, and Oeko-Tex certified.

Jennifer Adams 600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets

Ultimately, thread count is only one factor to consider when shopping for bedding. It’s important to consider the quality of the fabric, other factors such as ply and weave, and the overall design. So, the next time you are looking for bed sheets and the brand proclaims a 1000 thread count, you can smile knowing the truth behind that claim and make a better and more informed decision. Jennifer Adams luxury sheets are a great example of high-quality craftsmanship, luxurious design, and quality thread count that can guarantee a comfortable and luxurious sleep experience.
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