Duvet Sets
Duvet Sets

Duvet Sets

Redefine your bedroom with a 3-piece duvet set. Made of our softest, premium fabrics to enhance your sleeping comfort.

Are you looking for a quick way to refresh your bedroom? Update your duvet cover! As the centerpiece in your bedroom, it’s one of the easiest ways to elevate your bedding and give your room a new look and feel

The benefits of a duvet cover include:

  • Protective cover for your duvet insert, keeping it clean and fresh 

  • Allows for easy seasonal bedding changes 

  • Prolongs the lifespan of your bedding

  • Great for pet owners 

  • Easy to care for and machine wash 

  • Adds an extra layer of comfort for a good night’s sleep

  • Versatile with multiple fabric, color, and design options 

In summary, duvet covers have a lot of perks that go beyond just dressing up your bed. Furthermore, after a long day, seeing your lovely, fresh bed will be such a welcoming sight. 

Our 3-Piece Duvet Sets

To make life even easier, we offer 3-piece duvet sets: a duvet cover and a pair of matching pillow shams. These sets are available in our three bestselling fabrics: 400 Thread Count, Lux, and Eternal. 

400 Thread Count Duvet Set

Transform your sleep space into your dream oasis with our 400 Thread Count fabric, artfully woven in Portugal. So supple and indulgent, it's like sleeping on a cloud.  

  • Crafted from high-quality 400 thread count cotton sateen fabric for a lightweight and ultra-soft feel 

  • Highest thread count ensures a buttery smooth texture that gets softer with each wash 

  • Button enclosure provides a snug fit to prevent bunching or loss of shape

  • Oeko-Tex certified for your peace of mind and health

  • Available in four beautiful colors: birch, apricot, white, and graphite 

Lux Duvet Set

With its petal-like texture, our Lux fabric is known for perfectly balancing durability, style, softness, and comfort. You will enjoy a unique sensory experience that soothes your skin like no other. 

  • Crafted from our premium 100% extra-fine weave, double-brushed microfiber

  • Wrinkle-resistant and breathable properties ensure long-lasting quality 

  • Perfect for year-round use in any climate 

  • Secure button enclosure for a comfortable fit that prevents slipping

  • Oeko-Tex certified for your peace of mind and health

  • Available in five versatile colors: white, ivory, whisper gray, graphite, and linen 

Eternal Duvet Set

Treat yourself with exceptional softness by indulging in bedding crafted from our Eternal fabric. Made with cutting-edge weaving technology and from the finest threads, this fabric boasts remarkable breathability. 

  • Made with 100% extra-fine weave microfiber for year-round use 

  • Wrinkle-resistant so your bed always looks inviting

  • Button enclosure that gives your duvet a snug fit 

  • Oeko-Tex certified for your peace of mind and health 

  • Available in two refreshing colors: white and sage

Our premium, versatile duvet cover sets will make the perfect centerpiece in your bedroom.

The Best Method of Filling Your Duvet

One of our favorite methods to fill a duvet cover is using "The 5-Step Burrito Method":

Step 1: Lay the Duvet Cover Flat

Place the duvet cover flat on your bed with the opening at the foot of the bed. 

Step 2: Position the Duvet 

Carefully place the duvet on top of the cover, ensuring the corners align properly. 

Step 3: Roll It Up Like a Burrito 

Starting from the headboard, roll both the duvet and the cover together tightly but gently, similar to wrapping a burrito. 

Step 4: Flip and Unroll

Reach into the duvet cover and flip one end of the burrito-like structure over. Follow suit with the other end, almost as if stuffing a pillowcase. 

Step 5: Unroll and Enjoy

Gently unroll the duvet to reveal it securely tucked within the cover. Admire your work and enjoy a hassle-free sleep experience!

Learn other tips by checking out our blog Hacks to Filling Your Duvet Cover.

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