Luxury Hand Towels
Luxury Hand Towels

Luxury Hand Towels

Our luxury hand towels are durable, soft and gorgeous; the perfect addition to your bathrooms.

Just like all of our bath towels, we have worked towards presenting our clients with the softest of hand towels. Our hands, just like the rest of our body, should indulge in only the most plush fabric. Whether that is in bed or after simply washing them. And so, we offer our 100% cotton luxury hand towels. They're ultra-soft, high-quality and fit into any bathroom. And they also have a cloud-like feeling and a 5-star resort-like texture.

We focus on high absorption, alongside a superior softness, and also effortless styling details. So, our luxury hand towels are the perfect combination of all things good. When it comes to our bathroom products, the vacation feel is right in your hands.

Why Choose Our Luxury Hand Towels?

While our luxury hand towels are extremely soft and of a great quality, there may be other things to think about when shopping for any bathroom products. It goes without saying.

When it comes to hand towels, there are so many factors to consider. Including: style, absorbency, weight, size, durability, maintenance and more! Our luxury hand towels have all of these qualities and then some more. Not only do they feature a stylish rounded-edge detailing that adds an elegant touch to your bathroom, but they also provide superior comfort and are incredibly durable. Plus, they're easy to care for; just machine wash and tumble dry on low. And if you need to add a touch of warmth, you can iron them on minimal heat.

They can withstand the test of time, making them the perfect long-term investment for you and those you love.

The Perfect Resort Color Palette

Choosing the right color for your bathroom is always an important task. Matching everything to your decor while also making a statement may seem a little confusing. But rest assured that we have you covered. By offering the most ideal colors to give your bathroom that resort-like feel and look, we've made it a lot easier for you to make a choice. Our luxury hand towels are available in hues that are sure to look good in any bathroom. No matter what your decor or color scheme is. So, give your home that beautiful hotel-like look with our fresh white or soft gray shades. Play around with the colors by trying out each one individually, or even by complementing the colors with each other to give your bathroom a little oomph. It will undoubtedly look like you're on vacation, no matter which shade you choose.

Lago Hand Towels by Jennifer Adams

Our Lago Hand Towels are the perfect addition to your bathroom. They are super soft, and also incomparably beautiful. The rounded corners and a cotton bias band with double stitch detailing gives it a high-quality look and feel. And the torsion is low twist with great absorption levels. These 100% cotton luxury hand towels also weigh 720gsm and are incredibly plush. They're handcrafted with meticulous care and attention to detail in Portugal as well as Oeko-Tex certified. Because we’re doing our part for the well-being of our clients. So, you can use our hand towels with the assurance that the fabric is completely safe and free of any toxic chemicals. Our Lago hand towels are made of life-friendly fabric so they're delicate on your skin as well as petal-like to your touch. They're the ideal option for those that have sensitive skin. So, you can count on them very quickly becoming your favorite hand towels.

The Ultimate Bathroom Combination

When choosing your collection, think about all of the other essentials that your bathroom needs. To have your whole body wrapped up in a complete cloud-like softness. We all want to be comfortable and pampered from top to bottom after a long day. So, here at Jennifer Adams, we offer a bath sheet that's big enough to make you feel like you're in an embrace of feathers. And that's not just all. Our Lago Collection also includes our petal-like soft bath towels and even washcloths, alongside our luxury hand towels. We have the ultimate set of everything that you need for your bathroom. And we are sure that you'll appreciate the look and feel of all of it.

So, go ahead and spoil yourself as well as your loved ones with a softness that cannot be found elsewhere. Gift our collection to those that are near and dear to you. Have the entire collection packed as a thoughtful birthday gift, or give a set each to your favorite couple. Perhaps even grace your children's dorm rooms with bath towels that feel as welcoming as home. The options have no limit but the result will always be the same: an absolute feeling of relaxation. Everyone from every age group is bound to appreciate the gentleness of our luxury hand towels.

Bring Resort Quality To Your Home