Luxury Hand Towels

Our luxury hand towels are the perfect addition to your en suite and guest bath. Both Lago and Kensey collections are incredibly durable and able to withstand regular usage as well as harsh washing.

Kensey Hand Towel

Kensey Hand Towel

White / Hand Towel
Silver / Hand Towel

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Lago Hand Towel

Lago Hand Towel

White / Hand Towel
Gray / Hand Towel

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We’ve spent years perfecting the ideal softness, woven in Portugal from 100% cotton. Our remarkably soft and absorbent fabric is exactly what your home needs to keep hands dry and clean. Perfect for any bath, they are available in gray and white hand towels. And our relaxed modern trim options provide a subtle style to compliment yours.

Luxury Hand Towel Colors:

Our Lago Plush Collection comes in heather gray and white hand towels. Our Kensey Soft Collection comes in white and silver gray hand towels.

Size of Our Hand Towels:

All of our hand towels are 20″ x 20″

Understanding the difference between our luxury hand towels:

Our Lago Plush luxury hand towels are uniquely made using a long staple fiber and low-torsion combed cotton to create our highest level of absorbency. For a rounded edge and sleek style, opt for our Lago white or gray hand towels.

Our Kensey Soft luxury hand towels are made of lightweight and easy drying fabric with zero-twist combed cotton for a super soft feel. For everyday use in every bathroom in your home, opt for our hotel-quality white and silver hand towels.

What color hand towels are right for you? 

If you’re looking for silver hand towels, then you’ll love our Kensey Soft Collection. If you’re seeking a more traditional heather gray hue, then our Lago Plush Collection is for you. Both also come in traditional white, which is always in style!

No matter what collection suites your home, take comfort in knowing that all of our luxury hand towels are made of life-friendly fabric:

  • 100% Cotton
  • Woven in Portugal

And once you’ve selected the perfect hand towels for you, compliment the look with our coordinating washcloths, bath towels, and bath sheets too.