Luxury Queen Sheet Sets
Luxury Queen Sheet Sets

Luxury Queen Sheet Sets

Give yourself the gift of a sweet slumber with our ultra-soft queen sheet sets. Because you deserve it!

It's no secret that a good night's sleep is essential for a healthy and happy life. And one of the most important factors in achieving this is having high-quality bedding. That's where our queen sheet set comes in.

At Jennifer Adams, not only do we aim to give our customers a good night's sleep, but we also want to ensure that you wake up in the softest, most premium quality bed sheets. And, we want to make sure you get that perfect 5-star hotel experience, even in your own home!

Our queen sheet sets are ultra-soft and incredibly durable. And with minimal and easy care, you can make them last for years to come without having to worry about the softness fading away. Trust us, there is nothing better than an evergreen bed sheet for your home.

What makes a bed sheet evergreen? The durability of the fabric, the feathery softness, and colors that will always be in style. So, let's begin with the fabric.

A Choice for All

Let's be honest, when shopping for new sheet sets, you should have all the right choices laid out in front of you. So, let's dig in. From the fabric to the colors to the effortless styling qualities, make sure you are informed about them all.

Lux Fabric:

Meticulously crafted with our best-selling fabric, our Lux Collection of queen sheet sets are the perfect combination of durability, super softness, style and comfort. Lux sheet sets are enzyme washed and brushed twice for an incomparable soft texture. In other words, they feel like butter on your skin! Perfect to use in any season, the fabric is breathable and ideal for sensitive skin. Plus, they're easy to care for and wrinkle-resistant, allowing effortless style.

For those with mattresses that need extra deep pockets, we have just the option for you. Our Lux fabric queen sheet sets can fit mattresses as deep as 18" and the elastic hem on the fitted sheet ensures that it stays in place, too!


Made from a sustainable and durable plant source, our Bamboo queen sheet sets are extremely soft with premium protective features for your skin and body. The petal-like texture ushers you into a relaxing experience that’s not only soothing and comforting, but also provides additional benefits to help you sleep. They're perfect for individuals with sensitive skin. They are moisture-wicking and feature naturally-absorbent hypoallergenic fabric to regulate the temperature in both hot and cool climates. And the best part is they get softer with each wash!

600 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton:

Made using the finest extra-long staple cotton, our 600 thread count Egyptian Cotton queen sheet sets have unmatched softness. These sheets have been created with meticulous care by a family-owned mill in India. The sets are durable and breathable while also being a perfect style addition to any bedroom. To be honest, we're confident these sheet sets will provide you with a perfect sleep experience every night. 

Eternal Fabric:

Carefully crafted with state-of-the-art weaving technology and using the finest threads, our Eternal queen sheet sets have exceptional breathability. Additionally, they regulate temperature, ensuring that you remain warm in winter and cool in summer. They're famous for their high-quality soft feel on the skin. Brushed once on both sides, this fabric features exceptional softness. Apart from that, they are highly durable and have wrinkle-resistant properties, being made from the original silky smooth formula of performance fabric. 

400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen:

These 400 Thread Count Cotton Sateen queen sheet sets are woven in Portugal and are buttery soft. Astonishingly, after every wash they become even more soft and cozy. Our 400 thread count weave has been meticulously made to create a clean and effortlessly styled bed, every single time. Get a beautiful hotel-like look with minimal effort using these Cotton Sateen queen sheet sets.

Style and Color Go Hand-in-hand

We understand the importance of having the correct color scheme in your bedroom. So, rest assured we have a varied selection to suit your mood, style and bedroom color palette.

Our bamboo queen sheet sets are available in three gorgeous colors: Crisp white, sand and slate.

Our Lux fabric sets come in six colors: white, whisper gray, linen, graphite, ivory and heather gray. And the Lux deep pocket sheet sets are available in white and ivory.

Eternal fabric sheet sets come in six colors: white, deep pacific, whisper gray, taupe, linen and graphite.

Our 400 thread count Sateen Cotton queen bed sheets are available in four colors: apricot, birch, graphite and white.

Finally, our Egyptian Cotton sets come in four classic colors: mushroom gray, fawn, white and storm.

Clearly, we have a color for every bedroom. Whether you want a gorgeous apricot color, a calming deep pacific or a neutral white or graphite, there's something for everyone.

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