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How to Keep White Bedding Clean with Dogs: Tips from Jennifer Adams

How to Keep White Bedding Clean with Dogs: Tips from Jennifer Adams

A clean, freshly made bed is an easy luxury you can give yourself every day. And let’s be honest, there’s something particularly inviting about white bedding – all those crisp white sheets and pillowcases make you feel like you’re snuggling up in a luxury hotel room. The problem is that when you combine white bedding with dogs, it can be a major challenge to keep your bed clean and pristine. Sure, you could just make your bedroom a pet-free zone, but what dog lover really wants to do that? Besides, if your pups are anything like my two Labradoodles, they would just whimper outside the door until you let them in anyway.

So the question is: is white bedding an impossible dream for pet owners? Or is there a way to have both the fur babies and the bed of your dreams? The good news is that you can have it all, you just need to know how to make it work. Read on for my best dog-mom tips!

How to Keep White Sheets White

I’ve dealt with the issue of how to keep white sheets white for years, and here are a few of my favorite tips to keep your white bedding clean.

Use spare flat sheets as a protective bedspread. One of the easiest things you can do is to have a few extra flat sheets – in white, or any other color you like – to use as a protective bedspread, changing them out as needed.

Use the ‘triple sheet method’. For a more polished look that only takes a few extra seconds when making the bed, take some inspiration from hotels. Instead of a standard duvet cover, protect the insert with an additional sheet. Add the fitted and flat sheets as you normally would, then lay out your duvet insert (comforter or blanket). Then add another flat sheet on top of the insert and tuck the sheet around the edge of the insert near the head of the bed. Fold the other flat sheet over the insert. Now you have two sheets protecting the insert’s edge. This is also great for guest beds because it saves time and makes it easier to launder sheets than a duvet cover.

Use throw blankets as an accent. Another option is to have a collection of washable throw blankets in a different color, which you can use as an accent to your white bedding when your dogs are on the bed. Gray is a classic color that’s stylish and goes with any décor, plus it’s good for hiding dog fur. For example, check out our beautiful Loma Throw Blanket!

Invest in quality bedding. Having dogs on your white bedding may mean laundering it more often, so it’s important to buy the best quality bed linens you can. Good quality linens will not only wash better, they’ll also last longer. Consider this when choosing the fabric for your sheets. For example, cotton sateen with a high thread count is a reliable option that looks great and is also durable. Cheaper fabrics often attract hair and fur and won’t withstand deep cleaning with bleach or other more natural options like baking soda, vinegar, or lemon juice.

If you do need to clean or replace your duvet cover, here’s a 30-second trick to get your insert into your cover: Lay the clean duvet cover inside-out on the bed, then spread out the insert on top. Reach through the opening in the cover and grab the far corners of both the cover and the insert—one in each hand—then shake it all out. Voila!

How to Remove Dog Hair from Bedding

If your dog sheds or tends to leave a trail of dog hair on your bedding, cleaning your bedding will require a little extra time and care, but it’s simple to do and well worth the effort for those doggy snuggles!

Here are a few tips:

  • A quick method is to run a lint roller over your bedding to pick up loose hairs.
  • Put on a rubber glove and rub it across the surface of your bedding. As you wipe your glove on the bedding, the friction causes static and picks up the hairs. Another option is to dampen the glove before running your hand over your bedding, which will also attract hairs. Rinse off your glove and repeat.
  • You can run your vacuum over your bedding using the brush attachment. Afterwards, wipe a damp, clean sponge over your bedding to pick up any hairs that remain.
  • Brushing your pet’s coat every day will help a great deal with removing loose hairs and keeping your pet and your bedding clean.

Jennifer Adams Luxury Pet Blankets

Another excellent option that will keep your bedding—and furniture—clean is to give your furry friend his or her own pet blanket. You can spread out the pet blanket on top of your bedding or sofa, or use it in your car to protect the upholstery. And with our range of luxury pet blankets, you don’t have to sacrifice style!

As one option, we have the super comfy Del Mar Pet Blanket made from 100% premium long-staple cotton, handcrafted in Portugal. With a lovely waffle weave pattern, it has a relaxed, lived-in look and feel that gets better over time.

Alternatively, try our ultra-soft and plush Diamond Pet Blanket made from our signature performance Lux fabric. With its diamond-stitched pattern, this blanket has a quilt-like feel and coziness.

Both blankets will give your pet the joys of relaxation and ease. Your furry companion is sure to appreciate the gift!

Finally, don’t forget to bathe your dog regularly too! If you give your pet a bath every 1-2 weeks, you’ll reduce the amount of dirt they accumulate on their body and transfer to your bed. Good grooming will also help to reduce allergens like pet dander than can cause issues in the bedroom.

What are your tips for keeping your bedding clean with dogs? Be sure to tell us below in the comments.

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