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Tips to Make a Beautiful Bed

Tips to Make a Beautiful Bed

Making the bed every day has been shown to be a sign of happy, successful people. No, really! Starting your day off with that little accomplishment sets the tone in beneficial ways by adding organization and beauty to your life. For your guests, a nicely-made bed makes them feel welcomed and relaxed. Fear not, it is really quick and easy to make a beautiful bed!



We like the clean look of white or neutral bed linens. It looks fresh and bright and allows you to play with other accents in the room. When you are making the bed, it does not have to be perfect. That’s right, no bouncing quarters off the bed military style. A beautiful bed is easy and inviting. Seriously, it can be done in less than a minute, like in this video.



You can achieve that fabulous hotel style by using simple folding techniques. First, fold down approximately the top quarter to one-third of the sheet and blanket. In some climates, blankets are optional, but they do add texture and comfort options, especially for a guest room. Next, fold the duvet into thirds, coming to rest at the bottom of the bed. This accomplishes an inviting look, adding layers of different heights with visual and tactile interest. Plus, folding bed linens down has health benefits! This technique helps air out the bedding, which is great for people with allergies.



When it comes to arranging pillows, again, perfection is not necessary. Starting with your sleeping pillows, you can prop them up, lay them flat—whatever you like. Then, place matching shams for added style and another visual layer. These can be angled or staggered for variety. Finally, toss a couple throw pillows on there as decorative accents. You can tie in the color scheme from your drapes (if you have them) or add a fun splash of color or a classy pattern.



Now that you have created a fluffy, inviting showpiece of a bed, you can add other accents in the room. Layering neutral colors from your headboard, rug and other decorative items helps create harmony and flow. A nice plant on a bedside table adds a freshness to the design and literally helps purify the air! Keep accents clean and simple to enhance the soothing qualities of the space.



Don’t just take our word for it. This video shows you all these great tips and more, including how to use complementary neutral tones, a quick and easy way to tuck in your flat sheet, and pillow arranging. Now, go to your room and make your beautiful bed!

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