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Etiquette 101: Guest Room Décor

Etiquette 101: Guest Room Décor

There is a simple joy in creating an inviting space in your home for guests. A well-appointed guest room makes visitors feel appreciated and welcomed.

Providing thoughtful items and comfy bedding will enhance the welcoming feeling. Start a couple days ahead of your guest’s arrival so you have time to plan and arrange your guest room. Then you can relax and enjoy your company! 

Ideas for Your Guest Bedroom Décor

Here is a list of our favorite ideas for elevating your guest bedroom décor:

Freshen it up. Guest rooms might not get a lot of use in a home. Oftentimes they double as a storage space. Start by dusting, decluttering, and airing the room out. Linens may need to be refreshed if they have not been used in a while.

Go plush and cozy. Make up your guest bed with dreamy-soft linens and bedding. Have both firm and soft pillows since everyone has different preferences, and make sure there are extra blankets if the season is cold. Put fluffy, fresh towels in the guest bathroom, and a plush, unisex bathrobe is an extra nice touch!

Bedside table. Your guests are probably used to having some essentials within easy reach. A table lamp is useful at night for reading and prevents having to get out of bed to turn out the light. Provide a couple of magazines or books to wind down with. You can also include a glass carafe set for water.

Form and function. Have a decorative serving tray where guests can place items like jewelry or a wallet. They will appreciate the organization. Add a pretty little vase with fresh flowers for decoration, a candle like our Natural Coconut Wax Candles that come in an array of relaxing, earthy scents, and a notecard with your Wi-Fi password on it.

Storage space. Make it easy on your guests to unpack so they don’t have to live out of their suitcase. Leave enough room and hangers in the closet. If you have a dresser, clear out a couple drawers. Bonus points for investing in a suitcase stand: they are really affordable and are back-savers to boot!

Basket of goodies. Everyone has forgotten something essential at some point when traveling. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you have items on hand like a toothbrush, razor, and toiletries. Extras can include eye masks, ear plugs, and their favorite snacks, along with a universal phone charger.

Extra touches. You can make your own folio of suggested things to do. List your favorite restaurants, parks, and museums. Include some fun facts about your city or neighborhood. You could even make it the introduction section of a guestbook or travel journal. It will become a treasured keepsake!

Get personal. Another way to make your guests feel special is to have a photo frame in which you can place your favorite photo of them (or, better yet, you with your guest). Switch it up for each visitor. A welcome note, or even a drawing by your kids, shows that you are excited to have them in your home.

These simple, fun ideas will make a huge impression on your guests, leaving them with fond memories of a delightful visit! Look for more creative ideas to decorate and enhance your guest room and home on our website.

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