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3 Backyard Decorating Ideas

3 Backyard Decorating Ideas

With the price of gas going up, you may be choosing to spend more time at home this summer season. But that doesn’t mean there’s no room for fun and celebration! Not at all! In fact, there are plenty of reasons and occasions to celebrate with your loved ones, whether it’s a holiday weekend or just a chance to enjoy the sunshine together.

Here are three fun, creative ways you can celebrate the summer season in your own backyard, complete with decorating ideas, food and drink suggestions, and more!

4th of July Celebration

If there’s one occasion that says ‘summer’ to me, it’s July 4th. The scent of backyard BBQs, American flags waving proudly, colorful sparklers, and spectacular fireworks lighting up the night sky… Independence Day is an occasion not only to celebrate our preeminent national holiday but also to kick off the summer season with family and friends. So why not host a 4th of July celebration at home?

  • Embrace the red, white, and blue color palette by decorating your home in our national colors, as well as star and stripe motifs. Carry it through from the front yard to the back, so your guests can get into the spirit from the moment they arrive. For example, here’s a fun Patriotic Clothespin Wreath you can hang on your front door.
  • Make your own patriotic garland by attaching miniature flags or red, white, and blue star cutouts to ribbon or clothesline and hanging it all along yard fences, around doorways, and over outdoor patios. (This DIY Red, White, and Blue Tassels Garland is easy to do!)
  • Hang white paper lanterns from tree branches or a gazebo. For a personal touch, you can add your own embellishments to the lanterns, such as sticking on red and blue cutout stars or attaching ribbon streamers to the bottoms.
  • If you prefer natural décor, red, white, and blue flowers can make a statement as a centerpiece. For red flowers, you can use red anemone, chrysanthemum, or poppy; for blue, try blue delphinium, cornflower, or hydrangea; and for white, try one of these lovely blooms: daisy, hibiscus, white anemone, or ranunculus. (You could even place them in these DIY American Flag Mason Jars.)
  • Cover tables with patriotic tablecloths and trim the edges of tables with your DIY star-spangled garland. And don’t forget to bring out your red, white, and blue tableware (or go for festive, eco-friendly disposable plates).

When it comes to food, BBQ is of course the traditional July 4th fare. Complement these dishes with tasty, sweet sides and desserts that go with the 4th of July theme.

  • Fruit is always a great option - from a juicy, ripe, red watermelon to a mix of summer’s blue and red berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry) your guests will love the delicious options.
  • For a truly refreshing dessert, how about Minted Watermelon Popsicles? Get the recipe here.
  • Who doesn’t love a berry pie? Try this 4th of July pies from Martha Stewart. And if you’re looking for a yummy cocktail, try one of these delicious Independence Day cocktail recipes from Town & Country.

Under-the-Stars Backyard Summer Celebration

When the days are hot, the evenings become a great time to get outside and enjoy the refreshing night air. A summer evening outdoors under the stars can be absolutely magical! Even if it’s just a regular weeknight, consider dining outside. Set up a space to eat your meal, have a glass of fine wine, and spend time with your family – that way it’s ready for you to enjoy any time. Or, of course, you could invite friends over and make it an occasion!

  • To create the right kind of atmosphere, place candles in glass jars around your seating areas and dotted on table surfaces at different heights. Globe string lights or lanterns hanging from tree branches create a magical summertime feel.
  • Fire pits and other fire features are wonderful on a summer’s night—and wonderful to accompany a nighttime dip in the pool! If you don’t have an outdoor dining area, it’s simple to improvise and create an area.
  • If you have a folding card table and chairs, you can easily create a dining area. Cover with a pretty tablecloth or sheet to make it special. Add candles and you have a romantic meal for two!
  • Ottomans or a bench are easy to move around and use outdoors. Maybe your kitchen table can even be brought outside?

Of course, you can serve anything you like, including your favorite takeout! However, for open air dining, it’s often best to stick to light, flavorful dishes that stand up well to direct heat and can be served at room temperature. Make sure that salads are chilled and covered, and stock up on plenty of ice to keep drinks nice and cold. And, of course, if you have a fire pit set up, a s’mores station is a must!

Backyard Picnic

Summer is all about picnics, but you don’t have to go far to enjoy one of your own! Simply pack an old-fashioned basket, lay out a blanket, and enjoy! It works at any time of day, whether you’re having the girls over for brunch, enjoying a delicious lunch, or watching the sunset while partaking in a picnic dinner outside.

  • For a boho-style picnic space, layer rugs and pillows and set up a low table or two. (Crates or pallets work well.) Hang gauzy drapes for a bit of shade, and string light in the trees if it’s a nighttime gathering. Even though you’re in the garden, add extra plants around the dining space for a gorgeous bohemian feel.
  • Everyone loves a beach picnic, so why not bring a little of that vibe to your backyard? Stick to coastal neutrals and nautical blues in your selection of blankets and pillows, and add beachy details like fishing nets, shells, driftwood and coral to the space. All the beachy fun without having to worry about sand getting in your food!
  • For a sophisticated teatime picnic, take your cue from the Bridgerton TV series. Set up a tented or draped gazebo for shade and spread throws and cushions in pastel shades in the garden. Serve tea and cake (and a few cheeky cocktails, too!).

While picnic dining might be casual, that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well! Your guests will love receiving individual baskets with mini cheese boards and charcuterie spreads, artisan bread and crackers, and a mini bottle of champagne.

Get creative about using your backyard or patio so you have your very own summertime getaway that’s comfortable and delightful. Enjoy!

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