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Bedroom Color Schemes Ideas and Tips

Bedroom Color Schemes Ideas and Tips

There’s no doubt that your bedroom is the most personal room in any house. It’s the most intimate, the most private. The purest expression of your personal style. It’s the place where you should feel most peaceful and at home. No matter the layout, and if it’s large or small, you can still make your bedroom’s color scheme comfortable, inviting, and personal, as well as a luxurious space to share with your partner.

If you want to give your bedroom a bit of a makeover without breaking the bank, or simply make your existing bedroom décor more cohesive, a simple trick is to refresh your bedroom color scheme or color palette. Whether you decide to go bright and bold with a palette that feels vibrant and energizing or opt to create a cool, calm oasis, your color scheme is what will set the mood and look.

So what goes into creating a bedroom color scheme? It’s more than just the bedroom walls. It’s also about the décor and accessories, and especially about the bedding since the bed will always be a focal point of the room. All of these elements – and how they work together – contribute to the creation of a color palette that embodies the mood or style that you desire.

Here are the steps you should take to work out the best bedroom color scheme for you, as well as a few inspiring examples!

STEP 1: Set the Intention of your Bedroom Color Scheme

Before you start settling on the shades in your bedroom color scheme, I find that it helps to first decide what kind of environment you want to create for yourself. What is the mood or feeling you want it to evoke? Set this as your intention.

For example, is it calm and tranquil like a beachside retreat? Warm and inviting? Dark and sensual? Is it the look of a well-designed, 5-star luxury hotel? Or is it eclectic with a boho-chic vibe?

Whatever makes you love to be in your bedroom, what makes you feel like your most authentic self, is what you want to clearly express in your intention. This way, your intention becomes your guiding principle.

STEP 2: Visualize the Look You Want to Create

Let’s say your intention is to create a tranquil, beachside oasis. Does your bedding express that feeling or look? If you close your eyes and imagine a relaxing beach getaway, which colors come to mind? For me, it’s the colors of sand, sky, sea, and maybe palm trees. These would then be the starting point of your coastal color scheme: whites, tans, blues, and greens. From there, you can narrow down the choices to one or two main colors (in this case, maybe white and tan) and decide which other colors work best as accents.

Here are some examples of great bedroom color schemes for 2022:

  • Earthy pastels: A mixture of soft earth tones is an effortlessly chic way to layer neutrals and create a light and serene space, no matter the setting or season.
  • Mauve, cream and taupe: If you love feminine pinks but want to keep it slightly more neutral, mauve is a great option. Pair it with neutrals like cream or champagne and taupe, and add accessories that suit your personal style.
  • Blues and grays: Soothing gray and soft blue tones are contemplative and calming. Layering these cool hues is a timeless and versatile look.
  • Blues with pale yellow: Another way to use blue tones but add a touch of bright sunshine is to add pops of soft yellow. Just like early morning sunlight, it’s both soothing and invigoration as a combination!
  • Scandi white: For a look that’s clean and contemporary, look to Scandinavian style for inspiration. Warm-up cool white with natural wood accents – both a light or dark wood/stain can work, but be sure to keep them consistent.

STEP 3: Coordinate the Colors of Your Bedding

Now that you have your basic palette, it’s time to take stock of your bedroom as it is now. Since your bed is the primary focal point of your bedroom, it makes sense to look first at your bedding and how it coordinates with the rest of your bedroom’s color scheme (and vice versa).

Taking our oasis example, ask yourself how you can color coordinate your bedding so it evokes that seaside retreat? If your walls are already painted a shade of white, a simple way is to continue with a similar shade for your bedding.

In fact, white (and its different variations) is the one color that always adds an airy, breezy look to any space. It’s especially great for a small bedroom space, giving it a more spacious feel. It can also add light if your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural sunshine. On the other hand, you may not want a room that is too white – this might make it feel too cool, stark, and clinical.

This is not to say that your bedding and wall color have to match. The key is to coordinate and complement your wall color with the colors of your bedding. In a white room, color can be used to warm up the space, infusing color and contrast. In this case, you could complement the white walls with a duvet cover or comforter in one of your accent colors, like a shade of blue or green. To bring in more of nature, your cover could even have a palm leaf pattern or a beautiful blue abstract pattern to evoke the sea and sky. We have a selection of 3 Piece Printed Duvet Cover and Sham Sets that would perfectly fit your dream for a bedroom oasis. Made with our signature best-selling Eternal fabric, these sets are durable, easy to care for, ultra-soft, and woven for breathability and year-round comfort. As a bundle, it makes embellishing your bed super easy!

If you’re in the mood for something airier and lighter, we have some lovely options. The Lux 3 Piece Duvet Cover and Sham Set offers a palette of exquisite, soft, yet complementary colors—white, ivory, linen, whisper gray, and graphite—that can work with absolutely any bedroom color scheme, and especially if you’re looking for a set to create your bedroom island getaway.

If you’re looking for bedding with texture, we have a stunning collection of top-of-bed blankets/coverlets and matching shams that you can mix and match. From our Del Mar to our Laguna to our Torrey coverlets, each of these coverlets has a unique woven pattern to give your bedroom a textually rich and lived-in feel. Versatile and exceptionally crafted with 100% European-made long-staple cotton, these coverlets will feel and look better over time.

Your bedroom oasis awaits!

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